Virtual Reality Camera and Chair

What is a Virtual Reality Camera?

A virtual reality camera gives you access to an immersive viewing experience by capturing a 360-degree view of videos and photos.


To produce and view a virtual reality video, you need a 360-degree virtual reality camera, a computer, or a smartphone. A virtual reality headset can also be used to view the video. This is because there are sensors in the virtual reality headset that helps images to move in the right direction.


 A virtual reality camera is made up of a group of small cameras that shoot an image at different angles simultaneously. Software is installed on a computer or smartphone and is used to stitch the real-time images together to form 3D images.



How Does Virtual Reality Camera Work?

Virtual reality cameras are used to produce 360-degree videos or photos when filming. This can be achieved by rotating the device, forming a 360-degree video, producing an immersive virtual reality type of experience. 


360-degree videos are usually produced from a camera that contains multiple lenses, filming from one activity, person, or object in different angles simultaneously. The footage is stitched together to form a single video. This single video is then edited using software uploaded on a computer or smartphone. This software analyzes visuals and audio to synchronize and link the various camera feeds altogether.



Examples of Virtual Reality Cameras in The Market.

1.       Vuze-360 Spherical Virtual Reality Camera: This is a 4k resolution virtual reality camera containing eight units. It allows you to capture high-quality, 360-degree footage. This virtual reality camera is good for making virtual reality films.


2.       Samsung Gear 360 high-resolution Virtual Reality Camera: This is used for shooting virtual reality videos. It contains a standard wide-angle lens so you can even get 180-degree shoot footage.


3.       Kan Dao Obsidian Virtual Reality Camera: This is used by professional cinematographers to produce high virtual reality videos and photographs. The 8k camera produces excellent panoramic shots.


4.       Z-CamSi 6k professional Virtual Reality Camera: This VR camera has 6k resolution. It is used to take a professional photographic shoot. It has an in-built camera stitching and can tackle all VR-related challenges.


5.       Insta 360 Pro 11 Spherical Virtual R 360 8k Camera: This is the most versatile VR camera on market today. It has a spherical camera that can shoot 4k resolution and can make a shoot of 8k resolution. It has four built-in microphones.


6.       GoPro Max Waterproof 360 camera: This is a great camera for shooting any real-time virtual reality film example action sports or mother nature footage. It is mostly used for documentaries. The GoPro Max VR camera has four digital lenses and hyper smooth stabilization technology. It can equally shoot 6k video footage.



Best Virtual Reality Camera For Drones.

Drones are the current trend used in the entertainment industry to film great and exciting video and picture productions. Virtual reality cameras are usually attached to these drones during filmmaking. There are a dozen of virtual reality cameras in the market today. The VR camera chosen always depends on the quality and budget of the project undertaken. Below are the best virtual reality cameras for drones.


1.       Insta 360 one: This is a great product for 360 lovers. It comes with features like bullet time and an invisible selfie stick.


2.       Janus 360: This is a professional-level drone product designed for industry customers to create virtual reality content for photography various purposes.


3.       Aerial Pro 360: This is designed for creating professional aerial videography in 4k resolution. It has two cameras and a flight time of 23 minutes.


4.       Flying eye: This is a high-end professional virtual camera and the best for producing high-quality videos and photographs because of its 6k resolution camera.


5.       The GoPro Fusion: The Fusion is the latest member of the GoPro family. It is a 360-camera with a 5.2K resolution



Best Virtual Reality Camera and their use cases.

1. Vuze 360 Virtual Reality Camera

Sarah Redohl recounts her experience using this VR camera to shoot videos during her vacation in Asia. She was able to view the images and videos using a VR headset to re-live the experience.


  In her experience, she was able to choose the right set of lenses to expose the entire frame. This was most helpful in situations where part of the sphere experience different lightning.


   She paired the VR camera with her smartphone and was able to gain complete control when shooting videos and taking photographs. A lot of 4K 3D, 100 Mbps videos were shot with a 7 feet distance apart.



2. Z-Cams 6K Professional Virtual Reality Camera

Felix, from the USA, is a professional filmmaker. He shoots advertising commercials for companies. He recounts his experience with this product after using it to create great videos for over a year. Felix confirmed that the imagine quality of his videos was superb and the software used in stitching images worked wonders, giving him a high-performance output.



3.       Insta 360 Pro 11 Spherical Virtual Reality Camera

Justin. S lives in the US. He gave an account of his experience using insta 360 pro VR camera. He bought this fabulous product for his start-up business of creating 360 VR content. He has used this camera to create great videos with 4K resolution in many kinds of lighting situations bright day-light, concerts in dark, smoky bars and its picture quality was amazingly impressive.


 The numerous features of the VR camera have been used to create live streaming videos. He has received two upgrades on the software (firmware and app). Complaints from the products have been duly addressed and he is enjoying the VR camera.



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