The Worth of AutoCAD certifications


Have you ever wondered why people put in their best to get a certification?


You may ask yourself, is the stress worth it?

in this article, we will be looking at the worth of AutoCAD certification

Well, if you are a Nigerian reading this and maybe you want to practice your art within the shores of this nation, you certainly want to get this certification. For several reasons:

  Here are five points to prove the worth of AutoCAD certification in Nigeria


1. The Autodesk Certification will push you beyond your limits.

2. Autodesk is recognized globally

3. It has industrial recognition

4. it improves your confidence and gives you more peer recognition

5. it remains a portable credential for job retention and mobility


The harsh reality Is that jobs are scarce! And convincing a top firm or employer will take more than a regular school certificate or degree. The Autodesk certification is your badge of entry into top firms. The financial and economic terrain of Nigeria is extremely competitive. It’s what some call “survival of the fittest” The Autodesk Certification gives you a much-needed advantage. 



  1. The Autodesk Certification will push you beyond your limits.


 It would probably interest you to know that even though you know something, you are not guaranteed to reproduce something tangible from it. Getting certifications nowadays is almost easy. But then, it depends on the certification in view.


 2. Autodesk is recognized globally


  Autodesk is recognized globally and has a long history of producing exceptional talent, products, software, and solutions. 


The Autodesk certification exam is structured in such a way that you would have to engage practically with what you are learning; this is why we put much emphasis on Autodesk accredited centers in the earlier part of this blog. You will need to be part of a Training Center that can expose and transfer the necessary practical knowledge that you’ll need to even pass the certification Exam. 


Anything half-baked and not hands-on could be potentially disastrous. So, when individuals with these certifications show up, it proves that they are competent right from the get-go. It’s not just about the theoretical emphasis now but practical application.

General knowledge:

Autodesk helps your general design knowledge. It keeps you challenging yourself constantly and helps you as you constantly work with other design tools or software. More Certifications will translate to more Knowledge and skill so it greatly helps you from a long-term career perspective. In the end, it’s a win-win.


3. Autodesk certification has industrial recognition

A student, job-seeker, or employee can set themselves apart by earning an Autodesk certification, for proven expertise and mastery of the Autodesk software.


Earning an Autodesk certification is a proven fact that you have the skills to work in a high-tech design environment.




4. it improves your confidence and gives you more peer recognition


Obtaining an Autodesk certification gives you the confidence to apply for job opportunities in a high-tech design environment.

Earning a certification can also bring recognition and prestige among your peers.


5. it remains a portable credential for job retention and mobility


Autodesk certification could become your edge when it comes to promotion and job opportunities among your colleagues.


Acquiring an Autodesk certification shows how committed an employee/student is to the design industry. 


Is the  Autodesk Certification worth the stress?

From manufacturing to civil engineering to architecture, Autodesk software is utilized in a variety of sectors. Autodesk qualifications help designers understand workflow and the value of precise, efficient processes.


Between 2017 and 2023, the worldwide CAD market was expected to develop at a 7.0% CAGR. So, it’s obvious that Autodesk is relevant and useful across numerous industries.

So, what then is the worth Of Autodesk?


The truth is that the demanding requirements of Autodesk Certification are not for everyone. The Autodesk certification makes you a member of the elite club of professionals who completed program requirements through study and dedication. 


When a student or employee obtains an Autodesk certification, they are awarded an official Autodesk Certificate, the Autodesk logo, and a listing in the database of Autodesk certified experts worldwide. Writing the exam will need you to put in at least 400-600 hours of work/practice time. The exam is performance-based so a depth practical and analytical understanding of how to deal with different circumstances in AutoCAD will be deeply important.



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