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The Smart Woman’s guide to healing from a Breakup or Divorce by Rachel Sussman.

This book takes women through the stages of understanding, healing, and transformation to enable a full recovery. She mentioned how some people take divorce and breakup as though it were the end of their life and happiness. She recommended creating an entirely new and healthier life for oneself by regaining trust, building self-confidence and deeply loving oneself as that is the best way to view oneself as great. She even encouraged builds self-high esteem where you see yourself as a heroine.

She developed in this write-up the three(3) proven stages or phases and processes of healing from a breakup: 

  1. Healing
  2. Understanding
  3.  Transformation.

She said that the effects of a breakup can be surmounted as people thought otherwise, even though it is not as easy as that seems. She mentioned how she was abandoned by her husband when she had an accident with their daughter and how she pulled through.

She cited that people may think that life will never be the same and may never be better and can’t live without their ex but never know that life even gets better and not only can you live without him but in time he will see that it is even possible to be successful. She said that deciding to change one’s life and the motivation to do something about it is what turns life and situations around positively. It most tines takes crisis and problems to bring us better opportunities for favorable new beginnings.

She, therefore, recommended allowing oneself time to grieve as it will make one ponder, think and proffer solution, as well as time to be comforted and thereafter time to be educated.

She concluded that nothing is as bad as struggling or staying day by day in a relationship where one feels misunderstood, controlled, abused, or lonely and you are stubborn to let go of struggling to make it right or maybe thinking about how your kids will be affected.                      



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