SPLIT by Suzanne Finnamore Dutton

 A Memoir of Divorce by Suzanne Finnamore Dutton.

This work is based on how her husband walks out of their five-year-old marriage and one son which she described as much worse than losing a cat. She described the act of grieving after divorce into five stages: denial/isolation, anger, bargaining, grief, and acceptance.

She also described how her husband came home from work, tells her how good she looked, drinks the Martini she prepared for him, and told her that he wanted a divorce. At that moment, she remembered the signs(trigger) of unfaithfulness which started even at the point of courtship. She went further to state that the marriage was built on lies where he swore that there was no other woman when practically there was.


She portrayed the act of descriptive writing where she explained the way and manner her man made the announcement: her husband tricked her with a kiss before announcing his intentions of leaving. At this moment she thought about the time they had slight happiness, their moment of laughter where he would stroke her thighs and said aloud how beautiful they are and always wondered how anyone could leave such a woman with beautiful legs, and then compared that to the moment he said it was over.

She went further to narrate what her son did when he found out about his father’s action: the suggested taking his father’s stockings down during Christmas as he wasn’t going to be there the next day. She, therefore, explained her escape route: she was involved in traveling even while in the marriage, she made herself happy through going out with friends, making extraordinary wine and food and inviting her close friends for a dinner, and going to see her mother. She said divorce was crazy.

She portrayed honesty, humor, and strength in this write-up and she had to learn how to survive on her own terms of taking care of the boy he left her with. She described her husband’s other means of happiness as another woman.

Lessons from this book:

  1. Once a cheat, always a cheat.  
  2. Sometimes, love is not enough and it is not always a guarantee to achieving a great home  
  3. Lastly, children or having a child for a man is not the basis or means to keeping marriage checked and stable.


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