15 High-Paying IT Certifications in 2022

A constantly evolving labor market and increased competition for qualified, certified professionals have made it harder to find and keep top talent in the IT sector.

Organizations look for individuals with renowned credentials that confirm their expertise and capacity as the knowledge gap continues to negatively affect enterprises in crucial fields like cloud computing, data science, and cyber security. Because they have obtained credentials regarded as reliable affirmations of their abilities, these qualified professionals typically have more clout in the market.

The IT certifications on this list are among those that have been associated with the best salaries in the field.

Thousands of IT professionals willingly took part in Skillsoft’s annual IT Skills and Salary survey to produce this list. IT professionals from all over the world are given access to the survey by Skillsoft, technology companies, vendors, certification organizations, and private individuals. The overall findings provide fascinating new understandings of the value of credentials and skills. Profiled below are 15 of the IT certifications with the highest salaries.

Top 15 High-Paying Certifications in 2022

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  2. A Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  3. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect
  4. Information systems security professional (CISSP) certification
  5. Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  6. Specialty Aws Certified Security
  7. PMP stands for Project Management Professional.
  8. Nutanix Certified Professional in Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI)
  9. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect
  10. The cloud digital leader—Google Cloud.
  11. CISA-Certified information systems auditor
  12. AWS Certified Big Data-Specialty
  13. VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV)
  14. AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
  15. CCNP Enterprise

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional


The AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate (not Professional) has frequently been at the top of our rankings during our yearly analysis.

According to the 2,500+ poll respondents, the highest-paying IT certification in 2022 will be the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional (not Associate).

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification attests to a person’s competence in this field. AWS advises having at least two years of practical expertise with a scripting language, Windows, Linux, and several AWS services.

AWS has also made is possible for individuals to enroll for their trainings, in other to be well equipped to acquire this certification. You can enroll for this training through this provided resources

The current exam must be passed by professionals to earn this certification (SAP-C01). To better align with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, changes to the exam will be made in November 2022. The cost of the test is USD 300.

2. A Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)


The number two position in 2015 was held by the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) credential, which has appeared on this list multiple times. It has continued to appear at various positions on the top-paying list over the years that have followed.

Given the roughly 9% increase in income recorded by these specialists, CISM, which came in sixth place the previous year, has moved up domains to domains to second place.

This year, CISM continues to be present for good reason. Organizations that have sensitive data to safeguard from persistent threat actors continue to place a high priority on cybersecurity. This certification lets businesses and colleagues in the industry know that a person is qualified to manage security teams and initiatives.

The CISM certifies a company’s capacity to oversee, plan for, and evaluate its information security. It demonstrates proficiency in the following areas: incident management, data security governance, cyber risk management, and information security program.

You can enroll through this link.

3. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect


The Google Cloud-Professional Cloud Architect certification, which attests to a professional’s capacity to create a cloud-based platform with compliance and security in mind, is once again ranked among the best this year.

Additionally, this certification attests to your capacity to manage implementation, supply infrastructure, enhance procedures, and more. However, it’s advised that professionals have at least three years of experience—at least one of which should be spent building and managing Google Cloud solutions—before taking the exam to acquire this certification.

Professionals have two hours to finish the exam, which costs $200. Professionals must recertify every two years if they wish to maintain their qualifications.

You can enroll through this link.

4. Information systems security professional (CISSP) certification


The CISSP certification validates that professionals have the skills necessary to successfully design, execute, and manage a cybersecurity program and has been compared to receiving a master’s degree in IT security.

With a pay increase of almost 5%, this qualification ranks somewhat higher this year than it did last year (it was number five).

The eight information security domains that make up the CISSP exam are as follows:

  • Risk and Security Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Security Engineering and Architecture
  • Security of Networks and Communications
  • Identification and Access Control (IAM)
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Security in Software Development

Candidates must also have at least five years of paid, relevant job expertise in two or more of the CISSP domains to domains to earn this certification.

Even if you don’t have the required experience, you can still take the certification exam and, if you pass, earn the title of Associate of (ISC)2. After that, you have up to six years to gain the necessary experience to become a CISSP. The exam now costs USD 749, compared to $699 last year.

You can enroll through this link.

5. Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect


The professional-level certification that is presently ranked first on this list, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate, is a must.

This certification acts as a trustworthy endorsement of cloud architects with real-world expertise in creating fault-tolerant, cost-effective systems on AWS.

AWS states that deep coding experience is not necessary, but candidates should be well-versed in the AWS Well-Architected Framework and the fundamentals of programming.

Candidates must pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C03) exam to earn this certification. Before taking this exam, AWS advises gaining a year’s worth of practical experience creating systems on its platform.

Exam fees are USD 150D.USD 150question test has a 130-minute time limit for professionals.

You can enroll through link.

6. Specialty Aws Certified Security


The AWS Certified Security-Specialty certification attests to one’s proficiency in handling challenging security challenges and securing data in the AWS cloud.

AWS advises individuals interested in pursuing this certification to have at least five years of experience working in an IT security role, with at least two of those years spent actively securing AWS workloads. These experts should also be well-versed in AWS security services, logging and monitoring techniques, threat models for cloud security, security operations, hazards, and more.

You can enroll through this link.

7. PMP stands for Project Management Professional.


Talented project managers are essential to any firm since projects make or break them depending on how they are managed. They aid in the definition, planning, and overall management of projects.

One of the most well-known certificates of its kind, the Project Management Institute (PMI®) Project Management Professional (PMP), keeps appearing on our list year after year.

It offers a level of assurance to consumers and employers that a project manager has both experience and knowledge.

You can enroll through this link.

8. Nutanix Certified Professional in Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI)


A professional’s skills and ability to deploy, manage, and debug Nutanix AOS 5.20 in the Enterprise Cloud are to be recognized through the Nutanix Certified Professional-Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) certification.

A professional’s ability to implement and manage Nutanix AOS 5.20 nodes, blocks, and clusters is confirmed by earning this certification. Nutanix, also shows that Prism Element can be used to manage AHV hosts and virtual machines.

Experts should reacquaint themselves with the 12 knowledge objectives listed by Nutanix before taking the exam:

  • To Understand the Concepts of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
  • Network Configuration and ManagementManaging a Nutanix Cluster Protecting a Nutanix Cluster
  • Virtual Machine Creation and Management
  • View Health and Cluster Alerts
  • Recognize the distributed storage fabric of Nutanix.
  • Tell us about Acropolis Storage Services.
  • Recognize the Resilience of Data
  • Conduct lifecycle operations, provide data protection, and understand Prism Central.

You can enroll through this link.

9. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect


Advanced expertise in creating cloud and hybrid solutions that use Microsoft Azure is required for professionals who intend to seek this certification.

These architects collaborate with people from many areas of the organization, including stakeholders, developers, and others, to find answers to the complex problems that prevent Azure solutions from being secure, scalable, and dependable. Microsoft recommends these experts possess knowledge in Azure administration and development, DevOps, connectivity, virtualization, security, and governance.

As the ninth paying IT credential this year, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification replaces its requirement. According to reports, an associate-level certification earned architects $121,420 last year, placing them 12th on the 2021 list.

Professionals must obtain a prerequisite certification, such as the associate level mentioned earlier, and pass the AZ-305 exam, which costs USD 165, to obtain this certification.

You can enroll through this link.

10. The cloud digital leader—Google Cloud.


The Google Cloud Platform, its services, and its capabilities for supporting an organization’s cloud activities are all covered by the foundational-level Cloud Digital Leader (CDL) certification, which was introduced in 2021.

Those who collaborate with technical experts in a business-facing capacity or who must be familiar with the offerings of several cloud providers may also find it useful.

Professionals who want to obtain this certification should become knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Digital transformation with Google Cloud
  • Modernization of the infrastructure and applications
  • Using data and Google Cloud to innovate
  • Operations and security for the Google Cloud

Professionals have 90 minutes to complete the questions on the $99 exam. For this test, there are no print prerequisites.

You can enroll through this link.

11. CISA-Certified Information Systems Auditor


CISA-certified personnel can act as the link between technical, legal, and compliance teams, ensuring that businesses protect customer data and control risk in a time- and money-saving manner.

One of the oldest and most prestigious certifications on this list, this one has been around since 1978. It has been on our list for several years, but in 2022 it will supposedly have an average wage that is 5% or more than in 2021.

The CISA certification from ISACA verifies knowledge in the following areas:

  1. audit, risk, and cyber security
  2. Process for Information Systems Auditing IT Governance and Management
  3. Acquisition, Innovation, and Implementation of Information Systems
  4. Operations of Information Systems and Business Resilience
  5. Asset Protection for Information

By passing the test and meeting the minimum requirements, you can obtain this certification. Professionals who take this exam must have at least five years of professional auditing experience, just like the CISM listed in the number two position. For ISACA members, the exam costs USD 575, while non-members must pay USD 760.

You can enroll through this link.

12. Aws Certified Big Data – Specialty


Those with at least two years of experience using AWS and working with big data are eligible for the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty certification.

With this certification, a data architect can demonstrate that they can:

  1. Use recommended procedures when implementing fundamental AWS Big Data services.
  2. Design and upkeep Huge Data
  3. Analyze data automatically

The Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, or another associate-level certification is advised by AWS as a prerequisite for professionals who wish to pursue this certification. Additionally, having at least five years of experience in the data analytics industry is advised. The exam fees are USD 300.

You can enroll through this link.

13. VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV)


The vSphere infrastructure implementation, management, and troubleshooting skills are validated by the VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) certification. Those who possess this qualification can aid businesses in creating a safe, adaptable environment that enhances their use of cloud computing.

Given VMware’s capacity to support enterprises’ shift to digital environments, enhance user experiences, and streamline processes and workflows, this certification maintains a top ranking.

Candidates must take at least one course from an approved training provider to receive this certification from VMware, specifically:

You have to pass the Professional VMware vSphere 7.x exam to obtain this credential (2V0-21.20). It costs USD 250 and you have 130 minutes to finish the 70 questions on the test.

You can enroll through this link.

14. AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification


For those who want to become cloud or solutions architects, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a good place to start. This fundamental certification certifies an individual’s proficiency with the AWS Cloud, its services, and other topics.

Professionals open various doors to associate and professional opportunities after obtaining this qualification.

According to AWS, before taking the USD 100 CLF-C01 exam, professionals should have at least six months of platform experience, according to AWS. The exam lasts 90 minutes for professionals.

You can enroll through this link.

15.  CCNP Enterprise


An advanced certification, the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise, necessitates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Cisco technology employed in today’s intricate networks.

This certification is intended for network administrators and engineers that work with experts on the cutting-edge phone, wireless, and video solutions.

According to Cisco, candidates must pass two exams to become certified as a CCNP Enterprise professional: a core exam and a concentration exam of their choosing.

The enterprise infrastructure is covered in the core exam, covering dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) design, infrastructure, networking assurance, cybersecurity, and automation. Professionals are tested on subjects including the routing protocol, SD-WAN, and others in concentration examinations.

Although Cisco does not have any official qualifications, it does state that the majority of candidates have three to five years of practical professional experience.

Professional-level examinations cost USD 400 for the core exam and an extra USD 300 for the concentration exam, including those for CCNP credentials.

You can enroll through this link.



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