Polo shirts for men

An introduction

Imagine a scenario where you are about to get dressed for an event. 

There are three choices before you which are; a Tee shirt, a Button-down shirt and a Polo shirt?


Which one would you pick?

Keep that answer as you read this delicious article!



Talking about gadgets, Smartphones are smartphones, Laptops are laptops, but an Ipad is a juxtaposition of the two because it combines the functions of a smartphone and laptop with an advantage of mobility!


This exactly is what a Polo Shirt does for men.

I would classify a polo shirt as a piece of clothing for the top body region with the combined features of a formal button-down short and the simplicity of a Tee shirt.


It is the perfect middle ground between two different yet related fashion items.


Their peculiarities are encapsulated by the polo shirt and it doesn’t just stop at that; it fused their differences too at the same time thereby presenting itself as a must-have for all fashion conscious persons (men).



What are polo shirts made of?

 In choosing the perfect type or brand or style of the polo shirt, there are certain questions that must be asked and answered.


So talking about the male gender. What exactly is fascinating about the polo shirt?


So why does every MAN need to have polo shirts in his wardrobe? Read on!


A short historical research has it that Polos originally were created in the 19th century as a piece of clothing worn by British soldiers that were stationed in Manipur, a north-western state in India, and that after the tour of duty, it was adopted by the fashion industry in the United Kingdom.


In fact, the British Royalty and the upper class echelon were the first set of Britons to adorn Polo shirts ceremonially during events and public outings.


Back to the question, polo shirts are majorly made from thick and heavy cotton materials but there are other specific materials used modern by textile manufacturers.


These distinct materials are: polyester, cotton, cotton/polyester, and blends such as poly/spandex.


Pique is a popular fabric used for polo shirts; it is a knitted weave that produces a texture that appears raised and patterned.



How to wear a polo shirt?


What are the types of polo shirts for males?


What to combine with wearing a polo shirt?


All these are cogent questions that may come up in your mind right?



Well, Polo shorts are quite comfy and quite easy to wear.

They are easy to get, easy to rock and easy to wash. You can’t take away classiness from polo shirts and you surely would love to own a few (or several) pairs in your wardrobe.


However, there are some tenets that accompany wearing Polo Shirts that Men must follow to the latter.


You can agree with me that these rules are necessary to avoid fashion blunders every now and then. Let’s check them out, shall we?

1. Polo shirts are not a substitute but rather an alternative to Button-down shirts! Don’t forget this.


2. If you wear a tight-fitting polo shirt, you will personally not be comfortable.


3. There is no justification for flying your polo shirts when dressing business-casually or absolutely formally.


3. Do NOT wear an undershirt before donning a polo shirt. Just don’t.


4. Unless it is for a comedy show, fashion statement or photography, do not raise the collar of your polo shirt. 


5. Wear a single polo shirt at a time because it saves you a lot from unnecessary questions, bodily discomfort, and general uneasiness.


6. Do not ever be torn between leaving your buttons done and undone. Just choose a side and enjoy your day.


7. Sometimes, polo shirts are classier with buttoned pockets! Talk to your online vendor or tailor today about it! 


8. If you are doing your buttons, switch up a bit by leaving one or two buttons undone especially in hot weather.


9. Wear long sleeve polo shirts during seasons where you would have ordinarily worn sweaters, shirts and cardigans.  


10. Be dynamic! Own a collection of polo shirts in your wardrobe and do not stick to few colours.



How to wear Polo shirts? 

You can always wear a polo shirt in 2 basic different ways, just 2 namely; Business Casual and Absolute Casual.


Wearing a polo shirt as a business casual


S/NTrousers TypePolo SpecFootwearJacket type
1.Chinos.Single colour shirt.Single colour sneakers, Ankle length boots.A Simple Blazer.
2.Jeans.Single colour.Multi coloured or Double coloured sneakers, monk strap shoes, ankle length boots.A Blouson Jacket, an overcoat or a  Parka.
3.Jeans.Single colour shirt.Loafers, Ankle length boots.Overcoat.
4.Plain TrousersSingle colour. Oxford shoes, monk strap shoes, ankle length boots.A blazer or a waist coat.
5.TrousersPlain and fittingSuede wingtip shoes, sneakers or loafers.A fitting blazer.


   Wearing a polo shirt as an absolute casual


Trousers Type

Polo SpecFootwearJacket type
1.Shorts (jeans or chinos).Same colour with the shorts or with a complimentary colour.Sneakers of different colours, Loafers. Do NOT ever wear shoes or palm sandals.Bomber jackets or Biker jacket.
2.Sweatpants (Joggers) Different or same coloured shirt.Strictly Sneakers or Trainers. Do not ever wear a moccasin, loafers or formal shoes. Any kind of jacket.
3.Jeans.Single colour.Single, Multi or Double coloured sneakers, monk strap shoes, ankle length boots. Boat shoes are also cool.Denim or Trucker Jackets.
4.Ripped Jeans.Single colour. Fitting. Long sleeved or Short sleeved.White sneakers or trainers, Loafers, Combat boots. Boat shoes are also cool.Track or hooded jackets.
5.Shorts (plain, check, jeans or chinos).Same colour with the shorts or a complimentary colour. Short sleeved Sneakers of different colours. NO Shoes, Palm sandals (beach, hangouts or picnics).  Denim Jackets.



There you go!



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