Longrich ToothPaste For Oral Hygiene, ToothAche and Face

This review will focus on the popular toothpaste, the Longrich toothpaste or what is sometimes called The Longrich White Tea Multi-effect Toothpaste,  its benefits for the tooth and  its speculative use for facial treatment

A little info about Longrich just in case you are hearing the name for the first time: The name Longrich is synonymous with multi-level marketing in Nigeria. It has become a household name as it employs thousands of distributors who market its products for daily profit. Longrich, as a company, launched in China in 1986. Since then, Longrich has developed into a multinational company with worldwide operations. It specializes in producing cosmetics and health products. 

Longrich came to Nigeria in 2012 and introduced several products into the Nigerian market, including household care products, skin care products, and personal care products.

The Price of Longrich Toothpaste 

The price of the Longrich toothpaste varies.

Some noticeable price differences depend on the posting date of the listing on an eCommerce store or the organization. But according to a recent products price list released by Longrich Nigeria,The price of the Longrich toothpaste should retail at 1,500 naira for a 100g pack of the toothpaste while the 200g pack goes for 2,400 naira.

You can find the Longrich toothpaste in all the major markets in Nigeria as it has become prevalent. It is even competing with the brands that have made their mark in the Nigerian market. 

So, one might want to ask: What ingredients are used to make the toothpaste? And has the toothpaste lived up to the reputation of the Longrich brand, which is synonymous with excellence?

Here are the Benefits of Longrich Toothpaste

As highlighted while enumerating the ingredients, Longrich toothpaste has several benefits, including the fact that it can treat tooth pain, help weak gums develop, prevent or remove bad breath, and prevent tooth decay.

Many persons say that prevention of tooth decay was what made them prefer the Longrich toothpaste. 

The toothpaste has a blend of aloe extract and strontium chloride. This combination is powerful because, while working together, both elements can strengthen the teeth at the root and also protect the gums. 

The toothpaste is also fluoride-free. Why is this important?

Older brands of toothpaste used to contain fluoride that causes fluorosis, which damages the enamel. But the Longrich toothpaste does not contain that element.

So, this is a welcome breakthrough for the Longrich brand, and it has made the toothpaste acceptable to the medical community. 

But is it all gloss and polish for the toothpaste? Are there no side effects in using the longrich toothpaste? 

Longrich can beat its chest that its toothpaste was a product of several years of research. There have been no reported side effects.

In addition, in 2008, when the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning alert about toothpaste manufactured in China, Longrich was not mentioned among the brands that use diethyl glycol in their toothpaste.

Longrich toothpaste does not contain diethyl glycol. 

Let us go to the market and find out what consumers have to say about the Longrich toothpaste.

Longrich Toothpaste Testimonies and Reviews. 

There are several testimonies about the efficacy of the Longrich toothpaste, but let me share with you one by a blogger named Odochy Danielle. 

Danielle recounted that he had a toothache and sought several unprofessional and professional methods to end the pain but with no relief. Then, when he discovered Longrich toothpaste, it was a wonderful experience for him. It eliminated his toothache in record time and gave him the relief he much sought.  

There are countless testimonies like this where people keep saying that the Longrich toothpaste worked as they expected. 

Longrich Toothpaste speculated Benefits on the Face

A writer is quoted as saying that Longrich toothpaste is a cure for several ailments but these ailments have no relationship to oral hygiene.

The writer claimed that it can also cure ailments like bumps on the face, eczema, ringworm, etc.

Although one has to be cautious in believing unverified statements, this testimony highlights one point: the market appreciates Longrich toothpaste as a product, and people accept it. 

It is also believed that the Longrich toothpaste can cure some ailments on the face, such as acne and pimples. The proponents of that view say that it dries up the acne without leaving any mark on the face.

While there are reports of success, experts do not recommend this home-based approach to treat acne because the chemicals used in toothpaste are not optimized for the face.

Experts also say that the toothpaste could overdry the face and give the user an effect contrary to what is expected. Rather than reducing the acne or pimple, overdrying from the toothpaste can result in an outbreak of pimples. 

Also, many persons, especially distributors selling Longrich toothpaste often say that it can cure stretch marks. They even have proofs to show.

While they might be correct, it would be advisable to get a doctor’s recommendation before using a product outside what it was meant for. The Longrich company produced the Longrich toothpaste to improve oral hygiene and dental health, and not as a drug.

So, your doctor is in a better position to give you advice on drugs that can cure any illness. 



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