Laptop Prices In Nigeria

Updated Laptop Prices in Nigeria 2022

When it comes to buying gadgets like fairly used laptops and computers in Nigeria (online or offline), you want to be sure you are getting a durable and affordable product.

With the aid of this article, you will know the actual prices of various models of fairly used laptops in Nigeria.

It is important to connect with trusted dealers and we have taken the time to hand-pick the most trusted dealers of laptops in Nigeria.

Full list of Updated Prices of Laptops

There are varieties of laptops used in a variety of settings such as work, school, in education, for playing games, web browsing, programming, personal multimedia, for children, and for general home computer use.

Laptop prices listed here include the specifications, model number, and price range. We have taken the time to list models and specifications including the prices of these laptops to enable you to make a better choice.

We have listed the price range of HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, ASUS, Samsung, Toshiba, and other fairly used laptops in this article.

We compiled the summarized list below to highlight various models of fairly used laptops and their price range;

  • Hp laptops: N45,000 – N220,000
  • Lenovo laptops: N40,000  N200,000
  • Acer laptops: N40,000 – N500,000
  • Dell Laptops: N60,000 – N300,000
  • ASUS Laptops: N60,000 – N240,000
  • Samsung Laptops: N35,000 – N550,000
  • Toshiba Laptops: N57,000 – N90,000 

Updated Prices of Dell Laptops in Nigeria

Dell laptops are an excellent choice to choose from when purchasing a personal computer.

They come with dope screens, ample memory, and processing power for all types of work.

  • Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Core i7 1tb/ 8gb 4gb NVIDIA Gtx – N300,000
  • Dell Inspiron 15 7000 X360 Core i3 500gb / 4gb full HD – N135,000
  • Dell Inspiron 15 Core i7 1tb / 8gb 4gb Ati Radeon – N195,000
  • Dell Inspiron 15 Core i5 1tb / 8gb 4gb Nvidia gtx – N260,000
  • Dell Inspiron 15 Intel 500gb / 4gb – N75,000
  • Dell Inspiron 5010 Core i5 500gb / 4gb 1gb Graphics – N75,000
  • Dell Inspiron 5520 i3 320gb / 4gb – N70,000
  • Dell Inspiron 5030 Dual Core 250gb / 3gb N55,000
  • Dell Latitude E5510/ 5410/ 6510/ 6410 Core i5  320gb / 4gb – N60,000
  • Dell Latitude E6420 Core i5 320 gb /4gb – N65,000
  • Dell Latitude E6420 Core i7 500gb / 4gb keyboard Light – N105,000
  • Dell Latitude E6500 Intel Premium 250gb / 2gb – N45,000
  • Dell Latitude E6540 Core i7 1tb Core i7 1tb/8gb 2gb Radeon Graphics – N170,000
  • Dell Latitude E7740 Ultra book Core i5 128gb / 4gb Keyboard light – N105,000
  • Dell Precision M4600 Core i7 500gb / 8gb 2gb Nvidia 70 – N150,000
  • Dell Vostro  3500 Core i3 320gb / 4gb – N65,000
  • Dell XPS 15 Core i7 1tb + 256ssd / 16gb 2gb Nvidia – N330,000


Updated Prices of ASUS Laptops in Nigeria

  • ASUS A53E Intel P 320gb / 4gb – N60,000
  • ASUS K601j Intel P 320 gb/ 4gb – N60,000
  • ASUS RoG Core i7 500g / 8gb 1tb  Graphics – N130,000
  • ASUS RoG G750j Core  i7 1tb +1288d / 16 gb 4gb Nvidia Gtx – N240,000


Updated Prices of Samsung Laptops in Nigeria

  • Samsung Note book RG515 250gb/ 3gb – N55,000
  • Samsung R505 Core i3 320 hg/4gb – N60,000 
  • Samsung  / Lenovo Mini Pc 160gb/2gb – N35,000


Updated Prices of Toshiba Laptops in Nigeria


  • Detachable Toshiba PC 500gb/ 4gb – N90,000
  • Toshiba Satellite C655 Core i5 – N65,000
  • Toshiba Qosimo X870 Core I7 1tb + 128ssd / 8gb 3gb Nvidia – N170,000
  • Toshiba Satellite L655 Dual Core 320gb /4gb N57,000


Other Laptops & Prices in Nigeria

  • Intel 250/4gb – N55,000
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core m 128gb / 4gb – N165,000
  • MSI CR6i PC Intel 250gb /4gb – N55,000
  • Microsoft Surface RT intel pentium 64gb / 2gb – N70,000