Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Is Digital Marketing a good career? 

Well, Put simply, 


Of course, it is! 

It is a Cash Cow! 

Some would say Data is the new oil. Maybe we could say “Digital Marketing is the oil rig”, it makes everything tick. 

Digital Marketing is a skill that a large portion of people are still discovering; because of ignorance and the many misconceptions that come with doing business or making a living via the online space 

People feel it’s not worth it and think it’s not protable. But then, that’s why being an underdog is always fun.

Nobody ever really sees you coming. It was the same story with the internet bubble back in the day people said a lot of things. They had their misconceptions and reasons why it would fail. But guess what? 

It didn’t. 

Digital Marketing is inevitable. Ultimately, every business need them Marketing drives sales and since everyone is slowly switching to the digital space, experts that can make sense of that space to gain visibility and drive sales will gradually be hunted down by the big brands because in this space, the stronger the results, the higher the paycheck. 

Imagine being among the few individuals in your sphere of inuence that know how this thing works; You will be a Gem.


Whilst the whole world will be running to things that have more popularity and techy names, digital marketing will still be saving the day. Instagram and Facebook host billions of potential markets for business across different demographics; those are the same people that industries are trying to connect. You can agree with me that a lot of businesses are now fully remote and still rack in millions.

Digital marketing is that kind of career that has you texting “I’m at work” when in reality you are still in your sleepwear cogitating while xing breakfast. If you need a career that gives you the freedom to be exible with your time and schedule, then you should consider digital marketing.

This career is vast with lots of activities that you might consider fun like simply making daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Others for business owners who do not have the luxury of time and/ lack the creativity to take on such activities.

The average business owner can hardly use an Instagram reel or edit a video or optimize a bio for sales on their social media pages. A good number of businesses have no experience with SEO optimization and are struggling to correctly target and run ads with little/no knowledge about what owning or maintaining a website entails. 

So, imagine being the one person in the room with basic to expert knowledge of everything digital marketing with a portfolio that proves that your methods have created visibility and increased sales for a variety of businesses. Do YOU think Digital Marketing is a good career choice? 

Ultimately, affordable and accessible analytical tools have been developed over the years to enable digital marketers to easily match each product to the right audience.

Digital marketers are now able to see people’s exact activities and interests on the website to enable the creation of a tailored campaign to convert a site visitor into a paying client. This data-driven approach makes it easier for digital marketers to yield results and determine the most effective strategies while eliminating the traditional guesswork for subsequent campaigns. 

Digital marketing is where the world is going. It is the future. It might be unnoticed, ignored, and look lanky in comparison to the Python Programming language and data analysis, but it holds the key that can determine whether businesses will ever make a sale or not. 

Taking on Digital marketing as a career will give you that key and help unlock businesses if you understand it. 

And this career is not just about businesses, but about yourself. It will allow us to create offers and products; that provide people with value. It will reach you to create digital products or market any physical product with ease and better results. So from a long-term perspective, it is a skill that can help you function independently and consistently. 

You get the nancial freedom and the satisfaction that you are helping businesses connect to the customers who need them. 

What else could you want from your career in the end?




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