The 4 Proven Steps to get pink lips with Onions

Pink lips in recent times have been considered as one of the classic colors of lips and are seen amongst ladies of the high class and those who have a passion for modern fashion.

In case you are asking if onions lighten lips, onions have been medically proven to lighten the lips and provide natural and suiting pink lips if applied with the methods stated below. 

The fastest way to get pink lips with onions depends on the frequency with which you repeat the steps below.

Ten out of every fifteen gorgeous ladies appear with pink lips and the admiration shown on those with pink lips is compared to nothing else. This is why the quest to have pink lips is continuously in high demand.

The good news is that people can learn how to get pink lips permanently with onions.

The reason why some people put out much effort to buy lipsticks that are artificial and takes time and money to wear on their faces is that they have no idea of how to get pink lips with onions which is a natural and original process.

Is Onion Juice Good for the lips?

Onion juice unlike other cosmetics has no side effects being applied on the lips, in case you are asking if onion juice is good for the lips it is perfectly okay to use onion juice on the lips.

Below are some of the steps to get it done.

Steps on how to get Pink Lips with Onions

According to in-depth research and review of tested and proven records, this is how to get pink lips with onions

1. Get one fresh and sizeable onion

2. Grind the onion to extract the juice

3. Mix the onion juice with vitamin E supplements

4. Apply very well on your lips before going to bed and do it at least once a week for a month. Or, you can apply it three times per week for two weeks.


Pink lips make us appear soft and attractive.

Onions which is a lightning agent mixed with vitamin E supplements can easily give us bright, fresh, and soft pink lips.



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