How To Get a Job at Maang Companies by Learning Five Programming Languages

Since there is a growing demand for software engineers, learning the most practical programming abilities is crucial. Five programming languages that will help you get hired at MAANG are listed in this article.

If you want to get a job with one of the IT giants like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, or Google, you should be aware of how important it is to learn the skill of making an impression.

You must be skilled in programming languages if you want to work as a website designer, game developer, machine learning enthusiast, or in any other connected tech area. 
The need for software developers is increasing; therefore, it is essential to get practical skills in the best programming.

The top programming languages for obtaining employment at MAANG are profiled below in this article. 

  1. Python
  2. Swift
  3. PHP
  4. Ruby
  5. JavaScript

The Top Five (5) Programming Languages for Obtaining Employment at Maang Companies

1. Python

A very popular programming language is Python. Companies frequently utilize it to build websites using frameworks like Django and Flask. If you’re interested in data science, machine learning, or science in general, this is the place to be. Additionally, Google uses it as one of its primary languages.

Because of this, both large and small businesses use it. Finding a job should not be an issue since almost every significant IT business, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others, uses the language.

You can learn python through this link.

2. Swift

Swift is one of the most difficult programming languages, and it’s gaining popularity. Apple Inc. created this programming language, which is multi-paradigm and all-purpose for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS programs.

Swift is a modern, quick, and secure programming language that allows for some interactive creativity. Closures, generics, and type inference are just a few of the characteristics that make applying popular Objective-C patterns incredibly simple and straightforward.

While avoiding the restrictions and drawbacks of direct C compatibility, it incorporates features from both C and Objective-C. Swift fundamentally alters the way we approach building mobile apps for Apple devices.

You can learn swift through this link.

3. PHP

The most widely used programming language is called PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source server-side scripting language designed especially for web development. 
PHP is a highly simple and user-friendly programming language when compared to other scripting languages.

The PHP code is initially run on the server before transmitting the results to the browser. Due to its ease of blending with numerous other languages, the language is also exceedingly flexible.

You can learn PHP through this link.

4. Ruby

Ruby is the name of a computer language used in Japan. The popularity of Ruby on Rails has increased as a result of its success. Additionally, the most widely used framework for building websites at one point was Ruby on Rails. 

Ruby on Rails can carry out a wide range of operations. RoR has made coding a lot easier for programmers. Why use Ruby on Rails when there are so many different frameworks to choose from? These technologies’ unusual and distinctive properties have taught programmers how to write more intelligent code. It manages difficult situations and makes programming simple for everyone.

Ruby is also a straightforward language to learn. If you have this skill, it would be easy for you to show off your coding prowess since many businesses want to produce iOS apps.

You can learn ruby through this link.

5. JavaScript

When it first came out, only browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari could use JavaScript. People are now using it to write back-end code or code that runs on your servers rather than just front-end code that runs on your device, whether it be a phone or a laptop.

JavaScript is a fantastic language to learn if you’re looking for work. Additionally, it is quite simple to understand. Now, if you are new to programming, using JavaScript is highly recommended.

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