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How To Be A Financial Grown Up By Bobbi Rebell: Book Review

Have you ever wondered why some people with great ideas do not end up becoming wealthy and successful? Well, the simple truth is that they lacked a game plan and adequate knowledge. We often seek health and lifestyle advice from celebrities and public figures, neglecting the most critical aspect of our wellbeing – our finances and effective game plans that would help us achieve our goals in life.

The award-winning TV anchor and certified financial planner, Bobbi Rebell, uses her impressive network of business leaders like the Author and Business strategist Tony Robbins, Businesswoman Ivanka Trump, Iconic Kevin O’Leary, TV personality Jim Cramer, Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley, CEO Spencer Rascoff, and many others to give us the perfect finance storybook.  Their captivating stories provide guidelines on becoming financially free and walk us through the significant money decisions that can impact our lives. From investing to spending to career, real estate, debt management, mentorship, friends and family, family finances, and even health, we are sure to find specific advice and real-life experiences that engage and teach applicable lessons.   

No book would offer so much advice and diverse expertise at once, on how to live life to the full while benefiting from financial literacy. Rebell certainly delivered on the promise to create a game-changing manual on personal finance and achieving dreams. Thanks to her, we can gain enlightenment from successful personalities that have experienced their own financial grownup moments.  Whether you just graduated from school or are an experienced adult, or wish to get your act together regarding finances, 

How to Be a Financial Grownup has every to-do to get you on the right track without seeming overwhelming. The plus side is that the author handed out the great lessons in a fun way. Enjoy the wisdom from financial role models as you take the journey to financial freedom and a wealthy lifestyle!



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