How many days does it take to master web development

The number of days it takes to learn web development depends on how many hours a day you are willing to commit to learning.

Becoming a master at Web development i.e going full-stack takes at least 2-4 years, however, if you want to learn web development just to be qualified as a junior developer, you need to commit at least 3 months of learning.

You would be faster if you learn online with offline support or mentorship. That is the reason why we continually recommend some I.T hubs and mentorship or coaching programs that would provide you with the needed support and work experience required to bring you to expert level.

With that said, there is also a way to learn web development quickly. You can complete a full web development course in 3 months, using these simple practices.

  1. Learn with coding
  2. Start working on a project
  3. Practice same things multiple times

Learn with coding

It is foolishness to learn without putting things down in an editor or in a note, you can complete the 72 hour video in 1 week but I can assure you, there is a little difference between the noobie who started the video and when you completed it, very little.

If you really want to learn fast, pen things down, pen attributes, pen formats, jot them down in an editor or in your note, you would need them and for a beginner, searching google for the right term might be very complicated.

For instance, you are learning flex, instead of just reading and watching a video, do a diagram on your note, with different style attributes and codes, this would go a long way to helping you retain and understand layouts in css.

Start Working on a Project

Projects would expose you to the real-world challenge, pick a design from dribbble or get one Figma template and try to replicate the design.

As you do this, you would encounter so many problems and questions that would channel your mental energy into information acquisition, thus making it simpler for you to assimilate, and retain knowledge 

Practice the Same things multiple times

It is common for you to try out things, and they worked and then you proceed to the next, make a plan to retry what you have done before until you are very comfortable doing it without making mistakes if you can do this, you would climb very fast and amaze yourself in record time.

To be a self-taught developer, it would take nothing less than 6-9 months. We do not recommend this path if you are starting out in web development.

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