Buy How Divorce became my Deliverance by Elona Washington.

A Memoir of Divorce by Elona Washington.

This book portrayed women as victims of their choices by ignoring triggers in their lives most especially as it concerns the men they choose. Women are filled with an inferiority complex thereby thinking or believing that they don’t deserve better and thereby settling for anything.

This article touched every aspect of how marriage could go wrong. She sighted where women came together to share how they mourned the loss of their marriage, while some chose to depart, the other was left alone, either way, they found a consolation, discovered themselves, and even empowered themselves.




The compilation of stories were those of encouragement that will make women in such conditions, not be heartbroken and be in hardship or feel neglected but to erase the stigma and stand up tall among the rest. One of the women noted how her husband left while everyone was asleep. 

The writer concluded that the only consolation they had for survival was God and Individual personal development which helped them scale through. They, therefore, advised that one should love oneself and stop dwelling in the past as it will hinder one’s spiritual, psychological, and physical growth.

Lessons from this book:

  1.  One should avoid marrying a man who had more than one ex because one would be marrying into a family mess. * Marrying young is not encouraged as the young lacked marital maturity and that could lead to unhealthy direction growth.
  2.  Marrying an unbeliever, drug addict, and heavy drinkers are not encouraged as well. *Any man who cares more about his relations and family members is a semi disaster.
  3. The article does not recommend Marrying for money because one would end up learning the hard way that money is not everything.
  4. Marrying a lady’s man is not worth it and that you met a man in church doesn’t guarantee that he is godly and therefore surety to success in marriage.


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