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 Heartburn by Nora Ephron

In this book, the writer used a third-person character to tell her story. She led us into her journey of breakup. She said Rachel Samstat was seven(7) months into her pregnancy when she discovered that her husband, Mark was in love with another woman. Here, Rachel found a letter from her husband’s lover which made her know that and discover that they had been together for nearly a year, she also found out that they bought a house and jointly planned to file a divorce for her.

She said that practically, Mark had divorced her before the official announcement was made as they hardly discussed, do things together, or even make plans as a couple. She felt betrayed by someone she truly loved. The most disheartening was that she found out that Mark was laying claims to his lover’s children while still married to her.


She even found out that while she was giving birth in the hospital, Mark bought an expensive necklace for his lover while she sold her diamond ring to enable her to offset her hospital bills. Rachel the persona took time and control of the situation by writing them which she said made her take control of the story rather than the story making her infuriated.

Lessons from the book:

  1. Heartburn brings to the limelight the pains got from a breakup and finding a way back to oneself also known as surviving the effects.
  2. The book teaches us that we can convert our sad moments to happy endings. * Another lesson is that since women are expected to be nice, honest, and original as they would be more valued and useful, they should be the heroine of their own life and not the victim always as it is better to make one laugh than make them feel pity for you.
  3. Women should take their pound of flesh; as the writer took her revenge when she(Rachel)  told Washington grapevine that Thelma has a venereal disease.
  4.  Ephron believed that women and men should be equal.


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