Front End web development Certification Institutes in Nigeria

In this article, we would be going into details of front end web development and I would be adding some of my unique experiences into this content.

One thing we have seen very commonly amongst young people venturing into web development is the trend of going online first to seek online courses in I.T field.

The truth is, most recognized I.T certifications are expensive, you can check EC-Council to see.

You would be shocked at the number of persons who started vs the number who completed these online courses.

I could say that starting out only online is NOT the most effective way of getting trained.

That is the wrong way to start out in web development.

As a developer, it would not have taken me the number of years to get to the point I am now if I had a human mentor or expert guidance, instead of just googling and trying out things, you get real-life examples, mentorship, and guidance to developing real projects and also scaling through interviews if you are interested in a job.

I would be updating this article with a compendium of firms, institutes, companies, and organizations that offers web development training online and offsite in Nigeria, this is the best and recommended way if you are starting out in web development, after this, you can choose to learn on your own, by then you must have had a good foundation, a listening ear, and a handful of developer buddies.

What is front-end web development? 

When one opens a website, it loads to present well-structured, visually appealing, and easy-to-understand web pages. 


Front-end web developers are basically the group of people who are concerned with the layout, interactivity, and visuals of any site to ensure that everyone has a worthwhile and top-class experience.


These professionals are responsible for developing the part of the website users can see, interact with, and navigate through. 


The process of developing these websites’ functionalities using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT is known as FRONT END WEB DEVELOPMENT or CLIENT-SIDE DEVELOPMENT.


From the text and colors to fonts and images to menus and sliders, front-end web development is the practice of developing websites so that users can seamlessly access information.


 Front-end web development involves structuring the visuals when a user opens a site and building functional websites and responsive.


For anyone considering a career in front-end web development, it is important to note that it is highly demanding as the developer needs to be aware of every need advancement in web technologies: but it is still a very lucrative path.

Best Onsite Institutes to learn front end Web development in Nigeria

As an added bonus, you can speak with this institutes directly from this platform to checkout their offerings and access any discounts. If you also want to keep in touch with them for jobs, certification and recognition. You are free




Tools Front End Web Developers Use


These are special programs where a front-end developer would spend more of their time coding. So the code editor of one’s choice should have all the features and functionalities to have an efficient user interface to aid a seamless coding process.

Our favorite editors include Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, and Codepen.



A reliable and efficient version control system helps a developer to keep track of all changes made to their code and facilitate collaboration when working in a team. It also provides the freedom to work on one’s code anywhere at any time.

Our favorite version control systems include Git and Github, Apache Subversion.



Frameworks are ready-made packages that provide tools for styling and organizing a website seamlessly. With frameworks, a front-end developer does not have to write all the codes himself and can simply tweak the framework to get a desired functionality or theme for a website.

Our favorite frameworks: Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, JAVASCRIPT frameworks (Vue.js and AngularJS)



While CSS is a language used for styling web pages, the CSS PREPROCESSOR is a vital tool that aids a developer write easy to read and maintainable codes; while reducing the amount of CSS needed. CSS Preprocessor can be simply described as CSS with more essential and expanded features.

Our favorite CSS Preprocessor: sass



JAVASCRIPT libraries simplify the front-end development process by providing additional browser support, increased effects, and features, and higher amounts of plug-ins to save time on building an interactive website

Favorite JAVASCRIPT libraries: jQuery, ReactJS



How amazing would it be to be able to debug codes and test the performance of a website while viewing it live on a browser? Well, this is where the developer tools or dev tools for short come in. They open up a platform on the web browser where a front-end web developer can see the codes behind each section of the website built and make adjustments with a few clicks and editing features.

Favorite developer tools: Chrome Dev Tools, Firefox Page Inspector, Microsoft Edge developer tool

These are the fundamental tools that are needed to work effectively as a front-end web developer. As initially stated, the technologies involved in this career continue to advance and increase with time. So it is essential to keep an open mind and utilize every resource available to build a website seamlessly and in real-time.




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