Update Prices for Fairly Used Core i5 Laptops in Nigeria

Fairly used core i5 laptops in Nigeria are usually cheaper than brand new laptops. This laptops that have used by another person for a short period of time and are put up in the market to be resold to another buy.

Nigeria has been dumping site for fairly used laptops, since it has an astonishing growth rate of internet users which the Nigerian communication commission in May, 2022, estimated that Nigeria has one hundred and twenty two million internet users, a good number of these internet users use laptops!

Nigerians prefer UK used laptops in Nigeria, since it is mostly in a better condition that Nigerian used laptops. In Nigeria, internet fraudsters and these internet fraudsters have been an obstacle to marketers of fairly used laptops. It is a common fact that Internet fraudsters will resell their laptops after using it for mischievous purposes, knowing that the security agencies will use the IP address and/or IMEI number and track that particular laptop that have been used to perpetuate such mischief and so they resell it to another unsuspecting user, who might be an innocent victim.

In highlight to the titled discourse, listed below are two efficient and cost effective brands of fairly used laptops in Nigeria:


  • Dell Latitude E5510/ 5410/ 6510/ 6410 Core i5 320gb / 4gb    (NGN) 60,000 naira
  • Dell Latitude E6420 Core i5 320 gb /4gb                                   (NGN) 65,000 naira
  • Dell Inspiron 5010 Core i5 500 gb/ 4gb 1gb Graphics               (NGN) 75,000 naira
  • Dell Inspiron 15 Core i5 1tb / 8 GB 4gb Nvidia gtx                    (NGN) 260,000 naira\

HP CORE i5’s

  • HP Notebook 15 Core i5 1tb / 8 GB 2 GB Nvidia                     (NGN) 140,000 naira
  • HP Envy 15 Intel Core i5 1tb / 6 GB                                         (NGN) 175,000 naira
  • HP Elite book 8540p Core i5 500 GB/ 4gb 1gb Nvidia             (NGN) 80,000 naira
  • HP Elite book 2560p Core i5 320GB – 4gb                               (NGN) 68,000 naira
  • HP Elite book 8440p i5 320 GB / 4gb                                          (NGN) 68,000 naira

However, these prices are not static and like every other business; they are subject of the market forces of demand and supply. Buyers should do their due diligence in purchasing of the above mentioned core i5’s laptops in Nigeria. It is a criminal offence to purchase or receive a stolen property under the criminal code and penal code which are the two principal legislations governing criminal offenses in the southern and northern region of Nigeria.