Digital Marketing Training Centers in Owerri

Digital marketing is about having marketing goals, making decisions, and monitoring performance metrics to ascertain a high-performing campaign. High-performing campaigns are retained and re-launched more often.

Easiest ways to go about digital marketing

1. Hire an experienced digital marketer-

The first step to getting maximum results in digital marketing is hiring an experienced digital marketer. They have encountered a series of changes over time and can adapt to changes without much reaction time.

2. Have specific digital marketing goals 

Decide on the goals you hope to achieve with the digital marketing campaigns. Common examples include Increasing website visits, growing the community, making more sales increase brand awareness.

3. Study the different marketing channels and how they work

Some common marketing channels are Social media marketing, e-mail marketing and, others. Each channel performs specific goals better than others. For instance, Instagram can serve the purpose of brand awareness, Google and Facebook can drive more sales.

4. Decide the best marketing channels to achieve your goals

Knowledge of the different marketing channels aids the decision to choose the best place and time to launch a campaign.

5. Control the process

Define your target audience, draw a flexible budget, define your performance metrics and gather every information to help you monitor and control the whole process.

Digital Marketing Training Centers in Owerri

1. Soutech Ventures:

A: South Coworking Hub 30 Mbari Street, By Crunchies Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Imo State.

P: +234- 08034121380



2. Swintec Computer Institute

Swintec Computer Institute is a world-class information and communication technology company providing computer training in various computer software packages.

A: 5/9 Hospital Road by Ware House Bustop, Owerri, Imo State Nigeria

P: 08033315602, 09074747000, 08029754376


P: or

3. Noble Computer Institute 

Noble Computer Institute is a computer training center in Owerri helping students and those interested in IT education to develop their skills and potential.

A: 157, Okigwe road,, Ugwu-Orji Owerri, Imo State

P: 08133820720

4. NIIT Owerri Centre

NIIT Owerri Centre is a computer education training institute with all crucial IT courses in web design, repairs, networking, web graphics, software development, AUTOCAD, and more.

A: Owerri City locations, Imo State Nigeria,

P: 08036666618, 08162702289



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