Choosing a car dealer in Nigeria

Have you ever tried buying a car before?

Have you ever lose a large sum of money through fraud, or buying the wrong, or an inferior product

Making the wrong choice when trying to choose your car dealer could be terrible!

I don’t know where you live: but if you live in any of the major cities of Nigeria, or you have visited any of them; then I have two questions for you

Should I go ahead?

  1. How many cars do you come across each day?
  2. Where are those cars purchased from

In this article, we will be focusing on the third question; this would lead us to the question, how do I choose a car dealer in Nigeria?

Nigeria is known as the most populated country in Africa and the most popular African country in the world;

Nigeria has over 200 million people; therefore, the business strives very well in Nigeria.

Selling cars is one of the businesses that strive so well in Nigeria; we have many car dealers: but how can we know the right car dealer to choose, and we can be sure that we would not run into fraud.

Here are some factors to consider before selecting a car dealer in Nigeria

The existing reputation of the car dealer

Mr. Friday use to live in Lagos, but he got transferred to Abuja with a better salary and more allowances. As he moved into his new apartment in Abuja, he decided to buy a brand new Toyota car: but unfortunately, Mr. Friday does not know any car dealer in Abuja: but he has noticed few places where they sell cars.

What do you think?

Should he go-ahead to buy from anyone of them

No! he might be making a mistake

The first thing he should do is to make inquiries about the car dealer of his interest.

What are his previous records of integrity?

The reputation of the car dealer should be the first thing anyone should consider when choosing a car dealer in Nigeria;

You should check their background. You can ask for recommendations from neighbors, friends, or family about the same.

The best thing is to go for car dealers that you know have delivered good cars; with affordable prices and proven durability.



Some car dealers choose to sell their cars at high prices, while others may moderate their prices. Sometimes, the price is all about the personality of the car dealer; if he loves making excess gain, the car will be more expensive.

At times they will influence you into buying the car at such a high price, all in the name of quality; they will want to make it sound like the high price is because of the quality: but this should not be the case; you should have a chance to decide if you want the car or not.

The fact is that most car dealers include add-on prices of items like interior accessories, car accessories, CD changers, and at times repairs; This happens mostly with private car dealers. But you have to make your choice either to buy those accessories or not. Don’t let them influence your decision if it is not favorable.

The car dealer accessibility 

Does he have a permanent place where he sells his car? Ok, if he sells online, does he have a website that has stayed for years? What if you notice that the vehicle you purchased has a fault, and the car dealer is inaccessible; how would you complain?

Car dealers should be accessible; he should have a shop, a website, a regular contact so that you can always return to him if you find anything unsatisfactory.

Registered business name 

When a car dealer registers his business in Nigeria with CAC, it speaks a language of openness and seriousness.

There are different ways to check if the business name is legit through CAC.

A legit business name could be trusted to a large degree: but a business name that is not found in CAC records may be doubted.

After-sales services

Mr kunle bought a Honda Jeep from a car dealer somewhere in Aba – Abia state; he did not check if they offer after-sales service.

Yes, it was a fairly used car; he afterward noticed a fault with the headlamp; He decided to return for service: but unfortunately, the car dealer told him to take his car elsewhere, that they don’t fix cars there.

You must check out for after-sales services before choosing a car dealer in Nigeria. The service given after purchase should be appropriate. Some of the services should include:

Free maintenance

Check out if the car dealer you are about to choose offers free maintenance or not. If that is the case, seek to know the duration of the free services.


Warranty is a must when it comes to purchasing a car, especially brand new cars. Some dealers will offer no warranty after they allow you to examine all parts of the car: while some will offer a warranty within a space of time.

Service rate

Car dealers should offer a moderate service rate to their customers. There are times when car dealers offer discounts.

Some factors affect the service rate; these include:

locations, negotiations skills, the car brand, etc. You must check out the service rate of a car dealer before choosing any.

With the following listed above; I know you will like to find out how you can know fraudulent car dealers in Nigeria; here are some tips below:

Low price offerings for an expensive car

It is good that you know the price range of the car you want to buy. Make your findings on the car price range, and be ready to stay off any car dealer offering something much lower than that.

Some will tell you that they want to sell it because of their urgent need for money: or some other reasons; Avoid that trap; he might be sounding so realistic and even emotional: but he could be a fraudster.

Buy here and pay there;

When a car dealer gives you an account detail that is not corresponding to his business name: or an account detail that is not a cooperate account, worse of it all, if he gives you an account detail that bears another person’s name or business name, avoid such car dealer, he probably wants to scam you.

Inconsequential items in the invoice

It is necessary that you take a closer look at extra fees and other items on your invoice, be sure that you are not paying for what you did not request.

A fraudulent dealership may try to tack on delivery fees, inventory fees, preparation fees, etc. some of these fees can be legitimate; they will all add up to a higher price than the usual.

Your sales price is inconclusive;

Ensure that your sales agreement is final, let there be an agreed amount, well affirmed inclusive of all extra charges as the case may be.

Do not buy cars from dealers known for inconclusive amounts; they can hold your car hostage and force you to pay exorbitantly.

Thank you for reading; I believe this article was helpful.



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