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Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson

This book is simply a masterpiece and it is safe to say Spencer Johnson struck gold in getting the idea for this bestselling book. With every turn of the pages, there is more enlightenment to be had. The book promises insights that can last a lifetime, which would have raised a few cynical brows.

However, the author delivers on his promise and it was truly insightful and more. The method Spenser uses in getting his message across is simple and yet spectacular; a parable. From the beginning of the book till its conclusion, the story of the four mice living in a maze and searching for cheese for their survival and enjoyment teaches and entertains you.

The workplace place is depicted as a maze and the mice are the different characters and workers found in it. The cheese is a metaphor for the things we want in life. Lessons by the way of writings in the cheese shaped walls are given every step of the way by one of the mice as he makes his way leaving behind the fear of the change which is inevitable (old cheese) and moves towards the future he could have if he embraced the fear and moved past it.

One truly remarkable thing about this book is the short length that makes it easy for nonreaders and its gripping story that finds you thinking about who you really are in the face of fear. The message got from this story is not only applicable to businesses but is also applicable to personal life, changing your life by altering your attitude towards change.

Lessons From The Book

  1. Nothing lasts forever, so keep your eyes open for approaching changes.
  2. Thinking too much about your cheese might paralyze you, so just start looking
  3.  After having found the courage to move on despite your fears once, fear’s grip on you will never be as strong as it used to be.

This book is recommended to every individual irrespective of age to be used in all aspects of life. It contains 94 pages that could and will change your life.



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