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Six Attributes For Winners By Norman Vincent Peale

Everyone wants to win, and is in search of a win; in this book, Norman Peale takes the privilege to offer inspirational advice to those looking to win, specifically those dealing with doubt and fear. He presents his facts by first prioritizing the opinion that attitudes were first more important than facts before going deeper into illustrations like he always does with short stories, Questions and Answers, Famous personality quotes, and biblical allusions. This he does to create relatability for readers, hence he captures proven winners to serve as inspiration.

People quoted in this book are Stanley Arnold’s saying, “Every problem contains the seeds of its solutions” and Stonewall Jackson who said, “Never take counsel of your fears”. These quotes go a long way to affirm Norman’s themes and the teachings raised in this book.

Peale, not only calls on the audience to embrace their problems but stresses the point that problems are teachings in themselves, and these teachings contain solutions to one’s development. In essence, the book advocates a change in attitude towards problems for the better.

The attitudes Norman Vincent illustrates in this book are

  1. The positive attitude to win. Norman states an eye into seeing the bright side of the shittiest situations, must be formed. It is this ability that ensures a never-die spirit.
  2. Courage: fear hinders a winning mindset, and to win, one must be without fear.
  3. Enthusiastic Peace: action can only be taken when the mind is calm.
  4. Confidence: Faith in oneself is Paramount before any action can be taken. It overshadows doubt. Expectant of positive outcomes in whatever input has been laid.  

Although Vincent Norman Hill’s works are strategic and concise, a general criticism amongst all of them is the repetitive illustrations of points dealt on in one book, stretched on to others.  



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