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The Power of Positive Thinking

As described by Vincent Norman Peale himself, this book was written to help readers achieve a happy and worthwhile life. Its contents are rightly on the nose as regards its title. Through the book’s contents, Norman establishes practical techniques that guide audiences towards energizing their lives. It draws focus on their strengths as a person, their goals, and their relationships on specific social scales that contribute to life itself.

The book, unlike a few philosophical or motivational books, does not set itself apart from the religious perspective, although it doesn’t draw from sentimental angles or specific faith or teachings to stress its points. It instead builds on an open mind to see whichever angle or faith one is of an opinion of. It can be accused of being a ploy but what the book gets is a given fact that it lets people see themselves through its contents, and if we are to be excused, Life is making meaning from the ambiguous, and meaning is made by relating unexplained or ambiguous concepts with things we relate with. This is what Norman Peale does in this book. He relates positivity and life, two very complex terms, with man’s own ease, to prove its point. In theory, it removes the stress associated with life, and brings into focus the ease and pleasure we find doing what we love, and placing those things in the view of like life.

Vincent Norman Peale uses this idea to call on the positive spirit, cause technically speaking ease and pleasure breeds positivity, and he argues against the opinion that life only has to be about stress and little pleasure. This book though leaves readers with a choice. With all being said, the book isn’t without its critics, or should we say its faults. There are certain instances where it fel like nothing short of propaganda; a sales pitch with all the sweet talks penned by a smooth talker trying to make us feel good with a sale. But this is where the concept of religion justifies the book’s contents—you have to believe in the concept of positivity above anything else for the book to bear any meaning.  

Lessons From The Book

  1. The roots of success and defeat lies in the mind; you can known the outcome of your life by the kind of thoughts you entertain.
  2. It is up to you to actively change your thoughts and believe that you can bring value wherever you go.
  3. Having an atitude of faith to the mind can increase energy.
  4. Expect the best and get it.


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