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The Power of Ethical Management By Norman Vince Peale.

Ethics naturally has been a societal problem, in that they deal with the concept of morals; which as society evolved, became as ambiguous as they are relative to man’s desires and point of view. In this book, Norman Vincent Peale takes on this crisis to talk about the business side of ethics. 

The Power of Ethical Management, Peale proves you don’t have to cheat to win. It tries to show to corporate executives the benefits of integrity to the game of business, by bringing to view practical and ethical strategies in winning profits and achieving success in the long term. It sets out a straightforward 3 steps Ethics check that evaluates action and decision to a set of ‘5P’s’ of ethical behavior—Persistence, Patience, Purpose, Patience, Pride to make clear the purpose and your goals. In this book, Vincent Norman Peale, along with the co-writer draws on their enormous experience to reveal the pros and cons and strategies for ethical decisions that go to far lengths to show why integrity pays.

Compared to Peale’s other works; The Power of Positive Thinking, You Can If You Think You Can; which dealt more on positivity and possibility, this book tackles both subjects but dwells more on the issue of integrity in business. This book allows readers, or business owners to put together a set of ethics check questions that will allow anyone to face scrutiny from the media.

One inherent message this book passes on is not demonizing or even justifying the competition to win an audience. The book also outlines the meaning of ethical behavior to self-esteem and points out the given fact people who feel good about themselves have what it takes to stand amounting pressure, do what is right without veering off course to do what is popular or lucrative.

Finally, the book brings out a point to address Organizations at large on employees needing to have pride in the organization, as this is a reflection of how people feel, and these feelings translate to an Organization’s progress among its publics. Negative vibes relating to an Organization breeds unethical behaviors at all levels.




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