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Most individuals looking to start up a business and make something out of their lives are more often than not broke which makes ‘The Power of Broke’ the perfect book to read. It promises to show you how being broke can be a good thing, motivating you as you have no choice but to succeed. 

Tips Shark points as he calls them- are also included to help readers along.  The book makes for a very compelling read as Daymond John tells his story, a testimony on the concept the book revolves around. But he does not just ask us to take his word for it; he gives the stories of relatable individuals- a musician/ deejay, teenage social media icon, reality show star, amongst others- who started from nothing and made themselves a brand.

Daymond uses these individuals to seamlessly drive his point home and convince even the most cynical. A point that makes this book quite exceptional and recommendable is the fact that the tips given are for everyone, broke or not, despite the title. It makes for an easy read due to the simplicity of the language and the conversational tone the author adopts. Reading is guaranteed to be a breeze right from the start to the end as each chapter flows effortlessly into the next one with the points being clearly enounced.

Below is an excerpt from the book.

“Broke” is a great equalizer. It levels the playing field, gives the edge to hustle and heart over money and market forces. Best of all, it forces you to dig deep, to invest in yourself and trust in yourself_ and maybe to kick yourself in the butt enough times that the full force of your personality has a chance to shine through.  

This book is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs who need to break the glass ceiling and be more than just broke. 



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