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It is an air-permeable, comfortable, and heavy absorbent pantyliner made from 100% cotton. It contains the Anion Strip, which, when properly activated, provides incredible health benefits.


1. Longrich Panty Liner can purify the vaginal environment and prevent menses from breeding anaerobic bacteria and eliminate vaginal odor, prevent itching, resist bacteria on the outside, and forestall diseases within the body.
2. It helps in family planning, corrects the hormonal imbalance and ovulation cycle.
3. It helps in family planning, corrects the hormonal imbalance and ovulation cycle.
4. It clears the blocked fallopian tube and resets a displaced womb.
5. It can heal piles, sore feet, and fever.
6. It can also be used to purify water.
7. It is used to achieve fertility.

Side Effects

People seeking the fruit of the womb should stop using after six weeks of trying to get pregnant as the continuing use will or might cause abortion or miscarriage because of the high level of bio-magnetism contained.

Irregular changes may lead to toxic shock and or death.


To achieve fertility, activate the green strip by sprinkling water on it. After 24 hours, detach the activated green strip on three panty Liners and insert on 1.5 litres of clean water and leave it for 6 hours at least. Drink one glass cup 1st thing in the morning And last thing in the night for five days. After five days, replace with new repeating the process for six weeks. Take a break and observe for three months and do a pregnancy test.

Usage for Healing of Bruises

1. Wear the activated strip one in the morning and one in the evening to the affected area and bandage it.
2. For purifying water, place the activated strip into a container of water and leave.
3. For panties, remove the liner and place it on the pant covering the middle area.

Longrich products have been tested and proven to be very effective for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Longrich products such as toothpaste, panty liners, body cream, air freshener, and so on are void of harsh ingredients, which give the skin a gentle feeling and total healthy well-being.



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