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The pads have ten pieces in each pack. It has a magnetic energy anion. It has eight layers that enable smoothness, comfort, and absorption. It can absorb up to 200 milliliters of blood. It can kill 99% of bacteria. It has side strips that prevent leakage. They consist of highly resistant and air permeable materials which help reduce dampness and closeness between napkin and skin.


1 It preserves health.

2. It relieves menstrual pain: menstruation is when the uterus sheds its lining once a month. These menses could come with some pains, discomfort, and cramping. In some persons, their pains are much more unbearable, which makes them restrict their movement and stay at home.

Another name for menstrual pain is dysmenorrhea. One cause of this menstrual pain is endometriosis which is a condition whereby cells from the lining of the uterus grow in other parts of the body, like the ovaries, pelvis, and or fallopian tubes. Other causes of menstrual pains include and are not restricted to; fibroid in the uterus, infection of the uterus, and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as small and narrow cervix which can cause menstrual pain.

Longrich pads seek to address such issues as menstrual pain and factors leading to them.

3. It has anti-bacterial components.

4. It is anti-inflammatory.

5 . It eliminates odour.

6 . It promotes metabolism.

7. It improves endocrine/glandular function.

8. It enhances immunity.

9. It forestalls diseases within the body.

10. Its magnetic force can prolong life.

11. It enhances blood circulation and fastens the discharge of toxins during menses.

12. It builds the body cells and vitality of the body cells.

13. The anions that are released can cleanse the vagina and kill bacteria.

14. It calms and relaxes the nerves, relieves fatigue, enhances heart function, and makes breathing easier.

15. It helps urinary tracks function well.

16. It helps prevent fibroid, arthritis, cervical cancer, rheumatism, hemorrhoid, and asthma.

17. The negative anions move up the womb through the vagina, thereby improving blood circulation.

18. It cures toilet infections, STDs, and itching.

Side Effects

1. If worn for more than 3 hours can cause lumps on the vaginal areas.

2. Unclean pads can lead to urinary or fungal infections.

3. It could cause rashes or yeast infections.


1. Tear the outer package of a single piece and stick it to underwear.
2. Place well to avoid stain and change every 4 hours



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