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In The Company Of Women By Grace Bonney

What is more inspiring than a group of female entrepreneurs?; A group of female entrepreneurs that come together to share their experiences and their own advice on how to succeed in the cut-throat world of creative businesses. The book features interviews from women all over the globe who in their own rights have made a success out of starting up their own businesses and seek to encourage others to do the same.

Grace Bonney pushes the everyday woman to look beyond her simplicity, to go for whatever entrepreneurial ideas she has had as a child and as an adult, and to make the best out of it. In the company of women is just as the name advertises, giving off a vibe of chatting with one’s own friend while getting superior advice from the incredible women featured in it. It is motivating to hear from these ordinary women who defined themselves extraordinarily. The motivation comes from their business lessons (Be patient, don’t let go of your goals; but let go of your expectations, nurture relationships, read widely every day), seeing the picture of their workspace, and knowing that it is all doable, all of it.

Most importantly, there is something for almost everyone be you a chef, ceramicist, poet, musician, graphic designer, name it. This book is over 100 pieces of evidence through well-crafted interview questions and their corresponding answers that being a successful female entrepreneur is not farfetched or impossible for women no matter your race, age, and mentality.

Each of these successful women- their stories and pieces of advice on life and business- are role models worthy of emulation which makes their lessons and consequently, this book unique and a must-read for every woman in the world today.  



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