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Enthusiasm Makes The Difference by Norman Vincent Peale

Another of Vincent Norman’s self-help books. Although this one was a little repetitive of Peale’s other books that it can be argued to be the same with ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ only it has a change of name. “It has been established by a repeated demonstration that a person can make of himself just about what he wants to, provided he wants to badly enough, and correctly goes about doing it”—Norman Vincent sets out the defense for this book on page 427.

The book goes at varying lengths to infuse readers with a sense of enthusiasm. It provides readers practical examples of people who were motivated by enthusiasm. It then separates the natural pessimists from the enthusiasts and presents a standing point that the world is very much negative and it only takes enthusiasm to create that brightening spark. Like his many other books, Vincent Norman uses stories as some form of case studies to exert his point. Some of these stories were a bit redundant or repetitive for those who have read Peale’s other books, notably his bestseller.

Unlike the Power of Ethical Management, the message of this book isn’t complex or difficult to process, it is simple; lead an enthusiastic life even when it is tasking to do, and give to God what is too burdensome, and life will be pleasant. In the last part though, nonreligious people may have problems with but in general, the message is straightforward.

A standing theory Norman Vincent points out is in the problem of adversity. He clarifies that it is what makes us set goals and accomplish tasks, and it goes far much to promote growth. Norman enlists anecdotes as he does in his numerous books, to make the text relatable, and applicable. This he does in hopes of cater to a niche audience, specifically those looking to improve their lives using his methodology.

I am convinced that the fortunate  who achieve the most in life are invariably activated by enthusiasm.”

In summary, Enthusiasm Makes the Difference, highlights the importance of enthusiasm in our daily lives.




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