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Dell Inspiron 15 I3567-5664BLK Summary

This laptop has an Intel Core i5 processor at 3.10 GHz with a 3M Cache. This laptop comes with a touchscreen display of 15.6 inches with a WLED backlight. The graphics are Intel HD Graphics 620. The RAM starts at 8GB but is extensible to 16GB, while the hard drive size is a whopping 2TB. It comes equipped with a DVD-RW, WiFi 802.11 bgn, and also a Bluetooth device. There are HDMI connectors along with a media card reader. The operating system is Windows 10, but you can remove the bloaty windows and install others. The color of the laptop is black. The least asking price is 240,000 Naira. 

Use case

The Dell Inspiron 15 I3567-5664BLK is helpful for everyday computing. It can also accommodate light gaming. In addition, the ideal RAM size makes it suitable for multitasking. 


Dell computers is not limited to just this model. There are several models to choose from in terms of speed, battery strength, memory, size, space, capability and the purpose. See Dell Computers in Nigeria to see several options to choose from. 

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