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Most individuals looking to start up a business and make something out of their lives are more often than not broke which makes ‘The Power of Broke’ the perfect book to read. It promises to show you how being broke can be a good thing, motivating you as you have no choice but to succeed. 

Tips Shark points as he calls them- are also included to help readers along.  The book makes for a very compelling read as Daymond John tells his story, a testimony on the concept the book revolves around. But he does not just ask us to take his word for it; he gives the stories of relatable individuals- a musician/ deejay, teenage social media icon, reality show star, amongst others- who started from nothing and made themselves a brand.

Daymond uses these individuals to seamlessly drive his point home and convince even the most cynical. A point that makes this book quite exceptional and recommendable is the fact that the tips given are for everyone, broke or not, despite the title. It makes for an easy read due to the simplicity of the language and the conversational tone the author adopts. Reading is guaranteed to be a breeze right from the start to the end as each chapter flows effortlessly into the next one with the points being clearly enounced.

Below is an excerpt from the book.

“Broke” is a great equalizer. It levels the playing field, gives the edge to hustle and heart over money and market forces. Best of all, it forces you to dig deep, to invest in yourself and trust in yourself_ and maybe to kick yourself in the butt enough times that the full force of your personality has a chance to shine through.  

This book is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs who need to break the glass ceiling and be more than just broke. 


What is more inspiring than a group of female entrepreneurs?; A group of female entrepreneurs that come together to share their experiences and their own advice on how to succeed in the cut-throat world of creative businesses. The book features interviews from women all over the globe who in their own rights have made a success out of starting up their own businesses and seek to encourage others to do the same.

Grace Bonney pushes the everyday woman to look beyond her simplicity, to go for whatever entrepreneurial ideas she has had as a child and as an adult, and to make the best out of it. In the company of women is just as the name advertises, giving off a vibe of chatting with one’s own friend while getting superior advice from the incredible women featured in it. It is motivating to hear from these ordinary women who defined themselves extraordinarily. The motivation comes from their business lessons (Be patient, don’t let go of your goals; but let go of your expectations, nurture relationships, read widely every day), seeing the picture of their workspace, and knowing that it is all doable, all of it.

Most importantly, there is something for almost everyone be you a chef, ceramicist, poet, musician, graphic designer, name it. This book is over 100 pieces of evidence through well-crafted interview questions and their corresponding answers that being a successful female entrepreneur is not farfetched or impossible for women no matter your race, age, and mentality.

Each of these successful women- their stories and pieces of advice on life and business- are role models worthy of emulation which makes their lessons and consequently, this book unique and a must-read for every woman in the world today.  


This book is simply a masterpiece and it is safe to say Spencer Johnson struck gold in getting the idea for this bestselling book. With every turn of the pages, there is more enlightenment to be had. The book promises insights that can last a lifetime, which would have raised a few cynical brows.

However, the author delivers on his promise and it was truly insightful and more. The method Spenser uses in getting his message across is simple and yet spectacular; a parable. From the beginning of the book till its conclusion, the story of the four mice living in a maze and searching for cheese for their survival and enjoyment teaches and entertains you.

The workplace place is depicted as a maze and the mice are the different characters and workers found in it. The cheese is a metaphor for the things we want in life. Lessons by the way of writings in the cheese shaped walls are given every step of the way by one of the mice as he makes his way leaving behind the fear of the change which is inevitable (old cheese) and moves towards the future he could have if he embraced the fear and moved past it.

One truly remarkable thing about this book is the short length that makes it easy for nonreaders and its gripping story that finds you thinking about who you really are in the face of fear. The message got from this story is not only applicable to businesses but is also applicable to personal life, changing your life by altering your attitude towards change.

This book is recommended to every individual irrespective of age to be used in all aspects of life. It contains 94 pages that could and will change your life.


This entrepreneurial book promises to tell us not only what to do about your small self-owned business not working, it tells you why businesses don’t work, and it more than fulfills on both counts. The author goes deeper into the business ideology starting from the most important foundation, the business owner himself, and working up from there into the application of the ‘business development process’.

Michael Gerber’s book is a summary of what E-Myth Worldwide has learned from its dealings with over 25,000 small business owners with an assertion that it has succeeded in thousands of cases. The book is broken down into four parts with chapters under them to perfectly explain the four ideas enumerated in the introduction.

Points made in the book are not shoveled down the readers’ throat but written in a way that lets you catch up with what is being passed across and suddenly it all makes sense. Michael declared that small business owners are not entrepreneurs but technicians, the most dominant of the three personalities that exist in a person wanting to start up a business; the other two are the entrepreneur and manager.

It makes for an actual interesting read and most of the ideas are definite success gems especially since the book calls out and shuts down the myths existing about starting up businesses while proposing facts that help in reality. Work ON your business and not IN your business is the takeaway point for every reader of the book.

The E-Myth revisited is written and organized in a way that takes the reader from the infancy stage of the business to the existence of a stable and long-lasting business. It is a must-read for aspirant business owners.     


Peter Thiel co-founder of PayPal, entrepreneur, and investor pens down this masterpiece on how to establish companies that create new things, companies that bring about innovations. The focus of this book is that what is business transforming technology, that new niche that is needed in the area of small businesses, one that big businesses cannot risk tapping into.

Zero to One shows how you can go from 0 to 1- from nothing to something- by differentiating yourself and your business by innovation. Thiel promises that although it seems like there’s nothing new to be had, that technology is growing quite steadily; the truth is quite contrary to this. Capitalizing on this fact is what the book deems a certainty for a successful business.

In his own words ‘The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. And the next Mark Zuckerberg won’t create a social network’. He asserted that instead of trying to compete with the already existing market, it is best to create yours and be unique in doing that. The book is quite positive about the chances future start-ups have when they focus on dominating their market.

A big-thinking entrepreneur is what is projected on its pages with ideas for whoever wants to cash in to the innovative ideology which is differentiation rather than competition. The language of the book is quite stirring and motivational, prompting concepts to come into mind and inspiring the reader to move past the status quo and aggressively pursue new things. If you’re looking to be inspired to think outside the box, to be a unique business or start-up, then Zero to One is the book for you.


From the beginning of the book, the author comes across as a very interesting character with resolute opinions which draws the attention of any reader. The first chapter gives the three secrets to his success and for those who were expecting something business-related and stuffy, they were proven wrong. Love your family, work super hard, and live your passion; simple but sound success gems.

Gary promises to show us step by step how to build a business and a strong personal brand by using the social networking skills on the internet for whatever it is that we’re passionate about. According to him, social media has a lot of potentials that people are failing to tap into and can be a source to monetize whatever you are passionate about which is actually what most people seeking to start a business want. The writer of the book is a living testimony of what he preaches and what he has written. He is currently living the life and dishing out tips selflessly straight from his very own handbook in a very simplistic manner that might make his point overlooked.

However, in as much as the book refuses to go philosophical and intellectual, its straightforward ‘hit the nail on the head’ approach works and passes the relevant information. Crush it! is a fun read even when it’s telling you how to channel your passion into a blog, the best marketing strategy, how to build a legacy; it sticks to its fun narrative while being constantly inspirational.

He writes “it’s never a bad time to start a business unless you’re starting a mediocre business”, supportive and motivational, yet realistic. For future business owners looking to turn their passion into an avenue for making money, this book is the right one for you. As an extra, it’s a fun read on how to Crush it!



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