AutoCAD Certification Tests and Course fees

Yes! I am excited that you are taking this step to know about the AutoCAD certification tests and their cost fees.

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In the previous article, we analyzed some points that proved the worth of AutoCAD.

Note that the Certification Test is broken into two categories of certifications and written for three different levels.

Find out how many certified autocad training centers have provision for certification in this list


1. Autodesk Certified Professional

The (ACP) Autodesk Certified Professional is for professionals and advanced level students to enhance their understanding of the use of AutoCAD. 

ACP ensures enhanced productivity and superior reliability in the professional world. It shows that the individual in question has basic AutoCAD proficiencies in areas like drawing, layout manipulation, etc.


2. Autodesk Certified User

The Autodesk Certified User (ACU) certifications improve undergraduate academy applications; it certifies the users to be competent with the software. Autodesk Certified User accreditation validates 150 hours of Autodesk software expertise in the real world.

AutoCAD Certified User Certification is available for AutoCAD professionals and students looking to validate their skills and experience. 

To get certified AutoCAD, the user has to pass the Autodesk Certified User exam, which consists of 30 questions combining multiple-choice, matching, point-and-click (hot-spot), and performance-based question types to ensure students understand and can effectively use AutoCAD.

The exam has a 50-minute time limit.

Preparing For Autocad Certification Examinations


To prepare for this certification examination; it would be helpful to take a training course depending upon your level of expertise. 

we have provided a list of the training center that can offer that

The Autodesk Certification is authorized by and through Autodesk itself: but examinations can be through various partner examination centers around the world

Course Fee: Associate $150, Professional $200, Expert $250


What’s the worth of Autodesk Certification?

The next question is this; does the certification even worth it? Well, if you are a Nigerian reading this and maybe you want to practice your art within the shores of this nation, you certainly want to get this certification. For several reasons:

The AutoCad Certification keeps you ahead of Competition.

The harsh reality Is that jobs are scarce! And convincing a top firm or employer will take more than a regular school certificate or degree. The Autodesk certification is your badge of entry into top firms. The financial and economic terrain of Nigeria is competitive. It’s what some call “survival of the fittest”. The Autodesk Certification gives you a much-needed advantage.


Autocad Certificates prove the practicality of your skills.

The Autodesk Certification will push you beyond your limits. It would probably interest you to know that even though you know something, you are not guaranteed to reproduce something tangible from it. To get certifications nowadays is almost easy: but then, it depends on the certification in view

Global Recognition

Autodesk is recognized globally and has a long history of producing exceptional talent, products, software, and solutions.

The certification exam is structured in such a way that you would have to engage practically with what you are learning, this is why we put much emphasis on Autodesk accredited centers in our previous article. You will need to be part of a Training Center that can expose and transfer the necessary practical knowledge that you’ll need to even pass the certification Exam.Anything half-baked and not hands-on could be potentially disastrous. So, when individuals with these certifications show up, it proves that they are competent right from the get-go. It’s not just about the theoretical emphasis now but practical application.


General Design Principles and  Knowledge:

Autodesk helps your general design knowledge. It keeps you challenging yourself constantly and helps you as you constantly work with other design tools or software. More Certifications will translate to more Knowledge and skill so it greatly helps you from a long-term career perspective. In the end, it’s a win-win.




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