AutoCAD certification in Nigeria, pros, and cons

Getting a certification?
Is it an important thing or not?
Should I be bothered if I do not have one?

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Getting into the job market without a validation of your skillset is hard. Get to know about AutoCAD Certification Tests and Course fees

If you found yourself here,  you are probably looking for details on how to take your career to the next level, and guess what?
You are in the perfect place. 

In this article, we will be looking at the different factors you should be taking into consideration before seeking certifications for AutoCAD in Nigeria;
So it is time to take your career to the next level. The normal thing to do is get a Certificate to back you up? But then what are the Pros and cons to getting a certificate and the choice of certificate:

Acquire a Skill/Prove your credibility

1- If you are a student and want to get into the engineering industry, AutoCAD is one of the must-have skills in most countries and sectors. In other words, by getting certified in AutoCAD, you can gain entry in the places where you can apply your creative abilities in real-life situations. 

Not only does it give you access: but in a country like Nigeria, it serves as a witness to a certain level of professionalism and credibility.

2- Understand the Interface of Design Tools

If you want to take your AutoCAD skills to the Next Level, you will need to enroll in online or offline classes that suit your demands and budget.

 You will obtain help from industry professionals by enrolling in any university. Teachers and instructors at reputable schools provide hands-on assistance to help you explore all aspects of the program you have enrolled in.

 Furthermore, you receive assistance from your students and learners to expand your understanding of this sector

3- It Increases your chances of getting hired

In Nigeria, considering how saturated industries have become, an added certification can be the game changer o the potential decider as to whether you are landing that role or not.

 Gaining this kind of AutoCAD certification can boost your employment chances in known companies. If you are a beginner, then this is one thing you want to be written boldly in your job application. 

You can be assured that most recruiting firms will ask you for any experience in the industry, but if you do not have the background, that is where the skills you acquired through your AutoCAD Certification can come into play.

4- Secure Freelance Work

It is not strange news to know that many people work mainly as Freelancers.

 A lot of Nigerians have found numerous opportunities to work online for different organizations needing fast and excellent services. 

This Autodesk certification allows you to demonstrate your abilities and capabilities. If you have the necessary professional qualifications, you can discover employment and freelancing opportunities while sitting at home. 

Selling your skills online, you may make anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour. Obtaining Autodesk certification proves to be pretty useful when you look at it this way.

What are the disadvantages of software certification?

1. It is Usually Not Free

As you know, nothing in life is free. Getting the Autodesk certification is both expensive and time-consuming. It is a task that must be completed within a period.

 You must devote time to learning the program and studying for the exam. Some universities also provide experience-based certification, although in most cases, frequent lessons and attendance at highly paid teachers are required. 

Make sure that you are knowledgeable enough to take this exam. You will have to pay to retake the exam if you do not.


2. Global recognition

The Autodesk credentials from lesser-known colleges are not recognized by some foreign departments and universities.

 You would not be able to transfer the Autodesk certification or training to another school. As a result, you will need to demonstrate your practical knowledge and hands-on experience with the program to demonstrate that you are competent with it. 

So just in case, you are thinking of getting it from a Nigerian institution, It had better be a good one!


3. No government

In several nations and institutions, there is no authorized syllabus for Autodesk certification. There is no independent authority to supervise the syllabus and the quality of content learned

4. Guarantee?

As much as certifications are good and are probably going to get you through the door, it’s not a guarantee. 

There’s stiff competition in Nigeria, and you will ultimately have to prove yourself through practical tests and examinations, and they will certainly come. 

For some, it is believed that It does not certify anything that is genuinely helpful. For example, I would not argue that it demonstrates entry-level minimal proficiency. For that aim, a drafting/modeling exam might be more appropriate.



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