7 Strategies to Grow your Business Online with Google




Do you know that all you need to connect to the digital space out there is very close to you?

We have so many businesses out there, but there are just a few found on Google search.

In this article, we have researched and listed out  7 strategies to grow your business online with Google search:

  • Create a Google my business account
  • Register your website with Google search console
  • Verify your listing with the business profile on Google
  • Use social media to boost your visibility
  • Remain consistent in updating your profile with new products or services
  • Write contents on the products or services you are selling through your website
  • Learn to optimize your content with the use of SEO 



There are so many strategies to grow your business online with Google, and there is the right way without Google flagging your account. 

There are still some things one must be careful of when growing your business online with Google. Here are a few:

  • Avoid copying and pasting other businesses’ content on your website or social media.
  • Avoid inconsistent or fraudulent traffic.
  • Comply with Google’s new policies on content creation and privacy policies.

Visibility is necessary for business growth in this 21st century, as so many people try to search for products and services online before going for them.

 How to Grow Your Business Online with Google

1. Create a Google my business account 

Yes, it is with Google my business; commercial businesses can be at the center of the digital space, easily accessible by everyone and free to use.

What is Google my Business?

Google my business is an online account that provides your business a business profile and lets you connect more with customers across Google search and maps.

Google my business provides you with all the necessary tools to make your business unique by posting your photos, services, and offers; this will give customers reasons to choose between buying your products or ordering for your services all the time.

Your customers are ready to connect by calling, messaging, or reviewing your products or services; this will give you clues and ideas on how and what you should improve.

The more visible you are on the internet, the easier it becomes for your customers to reach you and grow your business online with Google.

The digital space is for everyone, whether you are an established company or a start-up.  


2. Register your website with the Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a free tool that enables businesses to list their website on Google search; therefore, providing the public with all necessary links and pages to access your website.  

 Although there is a little twist to this, Google still discovers websites that are not in the search console; as I stated above, a further effort to personally add your website to the Google search console will give your website and business an edge.

Allan decided to go into car sales somewhere in California, so he decided to launch a new website for his business.

To reach a wide range of audiences, how does he use Google Search Console?

 He goes to the Google Search Console, selects “add a property, and enters the URL of his website. Once the business owner Allan verifies he owns the business, he can access a lot of information such as how many people clicked through to the website from Google search and the different keywords they have used for search results.


3. Verify your listing with a business profile on Google

Google my business has provided a free listing called business profile, and this is an essential tool to grow your business online with Google  

A business profile is a combination of information about your business in an arranged pattern; that results in an easy understanding of the business at a glance

The details of this profile include your opening hours, store location, business logo, and website address.

 With the help of the business profile, all the necessary business information forms a neat digital card; that will also enable users to search out your business; due to the listings are integrated across other Google services like Google maps, your profile will appear in various places across the internet space

Creating a Google my business profile will also enable users to “follow” your business to receive the latest updates through Google. Business owners, all they need to do is to claim or create their listing and then follow some simple steps to verify their profile to get started.

Allan might use his business profile to help his goal of attracting more footfall.

Allan will have to set his location on his Google my business profile, and his profile will automatically appear on Google Maps.

The business profile location will result in people knowing the direction to Allan Auto center, with a tap of a button, as well as following his business on Google maps. He can also choose to upload photos to showcase his latest cars on sales, and he will also respond to reviews left by customers. Simple touches like these give potential customers a better understanding of his business and may persuade them to stop by his Auto center


4. Use social media to boost your online visibility 

Google has a way of showing some other results from the same URL on its search results page. Users may choose to click any of these URLs, and it will redirect them to your website.

For example, if you have a page on Facebook, Instagram, or ocity.ng (for those in Nigeria), or you have registered your business on any of these platforms; Google results will fetch your business when people make relevant research on your business or its kind

For example, a fashion shop called “royal apparel” could create a social media profile using their brand name, whenever users search for “royal apparel” or something similar on Google search, the search result will include information such as the royal apparel website, their social media profiles as well as other results, the user searching is more likely to find information or connect with the fashion shop to place order or drop a review. Social media remains one of the fastest ways to grow your business online with Google


5. Remain consistent in updating your profile with new products or services

The internet generally works with the amount of information or data you put into it.

  Kip’s computers and lick computers are both located in york. 

They both set up their business profiles on Google My Business, and also created individual websites for their business alongside social media profiles in the same month.  

 Kip’s computers contracted a digital marketer who uploads the website, Social medial profiles, and Googles my business profile with recent information on Kipps computers.

 He uploads from time to time all recent products, promo, and offers.

Lick computers do that once in a while for his business, and he does not have a digital marketer.

There is every tendency that kips computers information will always be found when users search for kinds of stuff like computer sales business in York


6. Write contents on the product you are selling through your website

Well written Contents are necessary for every company that wants to grow her business online with Google in this 21st century; customers can easily search out your products or services with the help of well-written content through your website or affiliated website as this can result in buying your products or requesting your services


 7. Learn to optimize your content with the use of SEO techniques.

We have many articles online, but those that appear on the first or second page on Google are those articles that have been worked on through SEO techniques.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and applying this technique has remained one of the fastest ways to grow your business online with Google

If you can not learn the skill, you can contract those that are well informed on the skill and know-how to carry out the job for you. There are so many freelancer content developers on different platforms like Upwork, quora, etc.




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