3D Design and Amination in Nigeria

3D Design and Animation is a skill that requires extreme creativity to scale up in the industry. This skill can be acquired and practiced remotely or onsite to earn large amounts, even in foreign currencies. Creatives are always skeptical to pursue a career in this field because of the scarcity of enough materials to scale up.

In this task, you are required to write for people sourcing for materials to scale up their knowledge of 3D Design and Animation and the beginners in this field. Guide the beginners and encourage the oldies trying to stay up to date with the best centers in Nigeria to learn the courses and get a certification.


For each section outlined below, write in not less than 400 words on the following:

  1. What is 3D design and Animation? (min. 400 words)
  2. Are 3D animation and graphics design courses the same?  
  3. List differences and similarities
  4. What are the benefits of learning both?
  5. Expected salary in Nigeria
  6. list and write short notes on 10 best centers to learn 3D design and animation in Nigeria both remotely and onsite ie where to learn 3D design and animation online and offline. Highlight the following:
  1. The certifications offered by these centers
  2. Course duration, Cost, Flexibility of the course, Contact, Public general review and star rating.
  3. Curriculum and courses outline 

ps: Feel free to exceed 400 words in each section but ensure to deliver quality content.




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