16 Must Checks before buying a fairly used laptop


This article is dedicated to I6 must checks before buying a fairly used laptop

Two years ago, I purchased a laptop for my work. In a matter of few months, it got damaged. Fast forward to 2020, my brother also purchased a fairly used laptop which is still very durable, unlike mine. What changed? 

Buying a fairly used laptop can be a smart move. You get a fully functional fairly used laptop at a fraction of the actual cost. However, buying a fairly used laptop in Nigeria has its risks and as with buying a new car, there are various checks and precautions you should take.

Here are 16 must check before buying a fairly used laptop in Nigeria:

  • Age
  • The screen
  • The keyboard and touchpad
  • The system speed
  • The battery life
  • The monitor flex
  • The RAM
  • The hard drive
  • The Speaker
  • The Microphone
  • Charging port
  • USB port
  • Disc drive
  • VGA port
  • Weight of the Laptop


You should also take note of the company or shop before you make the purchase. Some fairly used laptop dealers give warranty while others do not. We promise to update this page in the future with credible businesses in Abuja and Lagos when we have scouted the city.

Generally, it is advisable to patronize a laptop store with the following: 

  • Return policy.
  • Laptop technicians 
  • Registration number, purchase receipt, and invoice
  • Integrity and good reputation
  • Physical store/ shop
  • Variety of laptops/ laptop brands
  • Good accessibility to their store/ shops
  • Good customer service

There are so many models and brands of laptops everywhere which might get you confused, especially when you need to make a choice related to your field. Below are must checks before buying a fairly used Laptop


 Just like the Windows OS series keep advancing, the age of fairly used laptops is equally important for better efficiency. If you are giving two laptops at the same price, it is safer to choose the Core series instead of the latest generation Pentiums. Similarly, the Pentium is better than Atom in performance even if it is older than Atom.  


 The Screen

The size of the screen of a fairly used laptop is of major importance to your performance level. Stick with screen sizes between 12.5 to 14 inches and thank me later. The reason for this is because these sizes give the best balance in terms of utility and portability. Also, consider the resolution and panel type. Nevertheless, if you are not a consistent traveler or you are looking out for a much larger screen, you may decide to opt for larger screen laptops between 15 to18 inches while buying a fairly used laptop.

The larger fairly used laptops are good for stay-at-home purposes. If you are a gamer, designer, or animator who prioritizes the graphical experience, large screen laptops are great. Smaller screen laptops are also perfect for your kids.


 The Keyboard/Touchpad

 If you are the type that does a lot of work on your laptop, ensure that you have a keyboard and your keyboard offers solid tactile feedback, plenty of key travel i.e. the distance the key goes down when tapped which is usually between 1 to 2mm, and enough space between the keys.

Touchpads are best for you if you don’t engage in a lot of typing. If you have to get a touchpad, get one that does not give you a jumpy cursor and responds consistently to multi-touch gestures.

You can get one with a nub between the G and H keys so you can navigate around your laptop without having to lift your fingers off the keyboard’s home row. 


The system speed

 The speed at which your fairly used laptop functions is determined greatly by your laptop processor speed. The speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz). The higher the GHz, the faster the system’s processor. Always check out the speed of the fairly used laptop you want to purchase 


 The battery life

If you work with your laptop for a long period, you should have a battery that lasts along. 9+ hours of battery life is a brilliant choice, especially if you go about your laptop. Most fairly used laptops do have batteries that can last for up to 9+ hours; it is therefore neceesary to buy an extra  new battery when buying a fairly used laptop.


 The monitor flex

It is also called, “the flexible display or rollable display.” It is an electronic visual display that is flexible, as opposed to the traditional flat screen displays used in most electronic devices. A rollable display is an important part of the laptop. This is a vital part of the laptop that must be confirmed before you buy a fairly used laptop



 The RAM (Random Access Memory) has a lot to do with the speed, and overall performance of the fairly used laptop you want to purchase, and when it comes to memory, the fairly used laptop you want to purchase needs more of that.  


The Hard drive

 It is a non-volatile data storage device. It is usually installed internally in a laptop, attached directly to the disk controller of the laptop’s motherboard. The hard drive (HD) offers greater storage capacity for your laptop. The storage capacity of the fairly used laptop you are to purchase should be between 1Terabyte to 8 Terabyte.


 The Speaker

If you are the type that gets bored or tired easily while working a strenuous job, music or movies can help ease the stress. And a laptop with a good speaker can help out a great deal. Some good fairly used laptops for this are; Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop, Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, Apple MacBook Air, HP Omen 15 Laptop, etc.


The microphone

 If you are the type that engages in meetings, calls and the likes, a good microphone for the fairly used laptop you want to purchase is essential. Look out for fairly used laptops with in-built microphones that erase external or background noise.


 Return policy

 Return policy is very important for fairly used laptops; because you may not be able to check all the functionality of the system while buying it. The return policy may not be accepted by all  fairly used dealers: but some may agree on the terms to rather fix the faults rather than to change the system


The charging port

 There are different ways to check if a fairly used laptop charging port is faulty; one of those ways is to use a millimeter, and another way is to use the charger of the laptop itself. A bad or shaking charging port is terrible and should be avoided. Ensure that the charger port is well fixed and it is not shaking. Ensure that is compatible with the usual charger for that laptop; because it might have been changed 


USB port

The USB port of the fairly used laptop you want to buy must not be shaking, and must have the proper voltage output without partial contact. A bad USB port will affect your data transfer while using a USB cable.

You must check its functionality with the aid of a USB cord, and its voltage output


The disc drive

 This is very important, especially for those that are usually burning disc, and those persons that always do need software

When buying a fairly used laptop, ensure that the button for the disc drive ejection should be free of hitches, and the disc drive itself should be able to process the disc without any manual aid.

 VGA port

 The VGA port is used for extension purposes, and mostly to connect the laptop to a projector. The VGA of the fairly used laptop you want to buy should be firm, and well fixed. It should have the proper voltage output, and should not be emitting charges when plugged.


The weight of the laptop

 A weight of the laptop is very important when buying a fairly used laptop, especially for those that will always need to carry the laptop around. Programmers and students usually fall into the category of people that need such lightweight laptops 


So which of these must check before buying a fairly used laptop is most important to you?