12 Virtual Reality games

Virtual reality games are the 21st-century technology everyone is craving. It is another aspect of entertainment that has evolved over the last couple of decades. This article addresses the top twelve virtual reality games in the market and testimonies of people who have played these games. 

Below are the top virtual reality games in today’s market. 

  • Astro Bots Rescue  Mission ( PSVR)

The game is all about a small bot who is destined to rescue his friends which are bots too. His bot friends are scattered all over each level. The goal of the player is to literally bend down, turn and go around in search of bots that are trapped or hidden across each level. There are also other hidden rewards collected along the way. The player’s focus is on himself and the Astro bot at the same time.

Testimonies Or Feedback from Players

Torsi moor

“For anyone who hasn’t got psvr, give it a try if you can. It is just as important as Mario 64 was back in the day”.

Dave May

“Do not listen to haters who have never tried virtual reality games, this game gives you the feeling of playing Mario 64. For the first time, a real next-generation experience.

  • Beat Saber VR Games This is a rhythmic game.

The player slashes glowing sabers following the beat of a musical track. Each player is meant to keep up with the beat and time while chopping specific color bricks with the sword. He also will have to be ducking or dodging obstacles as he slashes his way through.  

Testimonies or Feedback from Players

Sergio Xistro

 Incredible what people have already made for a dream. I think this is the most excited I’ve been for VR things in general”

 J. Oannawanna

“ Wow! This has made me want to crack out my psvr again! The racing game is exceptional and the beat Saber clone is amazing! 

  • Everybody’s Golf VR Game. 

This is made up of three courses. The player is expected to either play the virtual caddy or play golf on the putting green or drive around the range. 

Testimonies or Feedback from Players

Wilfer Gonzalez

“ The best golf game ever”.

Banjo Riles

“ I love the Nintendo vibes. It still feels good even when we have games with amazing graphics these days. You just can’t beat the old school vibes these games have. I am so hooked on this game”. 

  • FarPoint VR Game. 

The player is expected to survive all enemy attacks while traveling a dangerous terrain of aliens in the bid to discover and solve the mystery of what happened to his fellow research team. 

Testimonies or Feedback from Players


As a PSVR owner myself, I can say this is a must-buy for anyone with PSVR. For PSVR graphics are amazing. The game is very challenging

. Karma Koala

“The game looks amazing for a VR game”. Shawn Wax  I played this game for an hour today. Fantastic experience! Playing it with smooth turning dual along with the arm controller”. 

  • Ghost Giant VR Game 

The player assumes a ghost figure that interacts with the game diorama to decipher puzzles and complete tasks. The player searches for hidden treasures by either lifting the roof or the entire house. The player ( ghost giant) is also expected to help everyone in the village to lift things using his muscles. 

Testimonies or Feedback From Players


I am not into Virtual reality games but this game is beautiful and fun”. J. Yan “ I just bought the game. It is super incredible and reminds me of Anual Crossing. 

  • Half-Life- Alyx 

The player’s goal is to fight a combined force of the enemy and constantly seek to find out their weakness in other to defeat them. The players use the guns, on one hand, to shoot and take out the enemy while moving with the other hand. With this, he will be able to dodge the enemy’s rain of fire and take over. The player needs to be quiet so that the enemy will not see him. He is expected to solve puzzles that pop up on the screen while shooting his way out. 

Testimonies or Feedback from Players

Mandy Jones

 A moving experience. A continuous moving experience”.

Martin Ramirez

“Things like this excite me a lot. The VR game is incredible”. Alan Jimenez “The continuous walking makes a huge difference! This is an amazing game!”

Sharred Ghost

OMG! This VR game is amazing! It will surely be the best VR game.

  • Expect To Die VR Game 

The player assumes a spy role and is tasked to escape a lot of life-threatening situations before the time runs out. He will have to use his problem-solving skills and telekinesis to beat the time and survive. The player will also search the environment for anything that might help him stay alive.  

Testimonies or Feedback From Players


This game is the best VR game I have ever played. I love it!” Outsanely “ I played this on the PSVR  recently and it was seriously fun! I look forward to getting my VR setting so I can play this again”. Marvelous “Best PSVR game. I would happily pay for more levels”. 

  • Moss VR Game 

This is an action and puzzle game. The player is expected to guide a small mouse called Quill through a magical world. He is tasked with helping the mouse to save his uncle. He will have to fight off the enemies, jump across gaps, search and collect hidden treasures and dodge obstacles as they appear in this quest. 

Testimonies or Feedback From Players


“Yeah, this game is unique as far as the graphic and animation did. I had a great time with this one”. Felix Gatter “ This game is by far one of the top VR games you must-have for your PSVR. The game is short and can be finished within two hours. It was an awesome experience”. 

  • No Man’s Sky VR Game 

The setting of the game is in space and it has quintillion planets. The player’s goal is to explore various planets in his spaceship and make it to the center of the universe. He is also tasked to build his world using whatever object he discovered. The player uses his device to scan the environment for collectibles to fix his spaceship and take off to other planets. 

Testimonies or Feedback From Players


“A big shout out to the developers for taking the time to make this game awesome. I love it!” Grey Baron “ No man’s sky VR game is fun and amazing. I recommend all lovers of PSVR to buy and enjoy the game”. 

  • Star wars

The player’s role is to either take up the role as a rebel or an imperial pilot and fight ca combat-focused fight to conquer the enemy. The beauty of the game is that the player can customize his player and arm him accordingly to fit different missions. 

Testimonies or Feedback From Players


“ Plot twist, this is a turn-based strategy struggling game on iOS and outsider. An amazing game from star wars.” Bolter Brayan “This game is what I’ve been wanting all my life. It is very engaging and sends adrenalin to the rush!

  • Job Simulator VR Game

The player takes up the role of various careers like chef, mechanic, office worker, etc. The player’s goal is to experience what it is like, for a robot to replace all the things humans do.

Testimonies Feedback From Players

Zach Gregory

“ I love playing this game on my day off. It is quite hilarious the way the bot ppicksup utensils and mixes up recipes. Good job developers!” Mary Roberts “ This is a fun game to play. The thing about this VR is the immersive and interaction are quite hilarious. 

  • Lone Echo VR Game

The goal of the player is to assume the position of an AI entity called Jack and help the captain to discover a dangerous mystery.  The game setting is on a spaceship, orbiting Saturn. The player has wrist thrusters and Eva boosters which enable him to move at zero gravity to solve puzzles by interacting with objects in the VR game. 

Testimonies Or Feedback From Players

James Corberth

One of the best games I have ever played and wished it didn’t end”. Sammy Smooke “ I just bought the game. This is the best decision I have ever made “.                          



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